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{weekend notes}


Love + good vibes + happiness!  That sums up the weekend perfectly!  I’m so blessed with an amazing family and a bad ass tribe of friends!  We decked the halls.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you already got a taste of it.  We just went for it.  The next couple of weekends are pretty busy so it was now or never!

Dinner with my favorites at Morgan’s On Main.  You guys, I ordered the special.  Scallops over pasta with a fried egg.  Heaven!  I hope they put it on their menu, that way I can go back weekly for it.

I can’t remember what I did to her, but we couldn’t stop laughing ♥

Saturday morning we went Christmas Tree hunting.  We checked out Little Bear Tree Farm located about an hour and 20 minutes up Hwy 80 in the little town of Alta, CA.  Never heard of it till my girlfriend, Alex told me about it.  We normally do Apple Hill, but let’s be honest…it’s a total shit show.  Wayyy too many peeps.  Wayyy too much traffic.  We typically cut our tree and leave ASAP!  This was a lot different.


As you pull up to the Tree Farm, which is a ways off the freeway, you’ll be greeted by the friendliest people I think I’ve ever met.

You pick out your saw and hop in the back of a Jeep.  They take you up the hill toward the 50 acres of Christmas Trees.  Silver Tip + White Fur as far as you can see.

They literally drop you off in the woods and drive away…lol.  Remember, we are a week earlier than most Christmas Tree hunters.  So there wasn’t even a sign of life for about a good hour.

I forgot what a picky tree picker I am every year, till we try to find one…lol.  We walked a couple of miles.  And it took over an hour.


We found these beauties on the side of a hill.  You can kind of see to the left of Bailey.  It drops off, very steeply.  Of course that’s where “the” tree was.  I almost lost my shit sawing these things down.  Ours toppeled over me and all the way down the hill.  I had to drag that son of a bitch all the way back up to the top.  I told my Mom at one point that I hadn’t worked that hard since child-birth.  For reals though!


If you’re looking to start a new Holiday tradition, this is the place to go.  Check out the fun gift shop.  Tons of adorable ornaments, knickknacks and homemade baked goods!

We will be back next year and many more.  This is for sure our new tradition!

We rewarded our Tree victory with a Golden Cadillac from Poor Red’s.  My Mom had never been!


I hadn’t been in years and completely forgot how much I do not like their Golden Cadillac’s…..Opps.  But you better believe I polished it off and chased it down with a good ol Coors Light 🙂

They now have a full restaurant.  Last time I was there, about 12 years ago, at least.  It was just the bar, which hasn’t changed a bit.  They also have a cool outdoor sitting area that would be the perfect spot for a summer cocktail pit stop!


Once we finally got it all set-up and decorated, I was able to sit back with my Bud Light and admire it.  It really was worth it!


Sunday morning I whipped up the sleeping beauties Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake.  Have no fear, I will be sharing this recipe this week, possibly manana.  So so so good.  And so so so unhealthy….damn it!   I call it a special occasion breakfast.  Since Ruby stayed the night, we considered it a special occasion.  Haha!


Bailey + I hosted out 7th annual Letters To Santa Night.  I still can’t believe we started this fun Holiday tradition back in 2009 when we lived on Colby Court.


Yes, I’ve rocked that same apron since 2009.  I am the Holiday Whore, remember?!?!?

Check out these pictures that popped up in my Memories last week.


How is this even possible?!?!


(photo cred: Greta)


I still make the same exact meal.  Sarah P’s Chicken Tortilla Soup…yumm!!


I make sure there is plenty of Holiday “Cheer Enhancers”


Cookie Exchange


Christmas ornament craft

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Claire’s $20 pom-pom pine cone 🙂

Letter to Santa writing



Photo booth fun!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


Year #7 was just as fun as I can remember year #1.  Except these kiddos are so grown up now.

Someday I will have a mansion and I can have everyone over for Letters To Santa Night!!  I wish I could invite the whole town….unfortunately our house just can’t handle anymore kids.   We’re still debating if year #7 will be our last 🙁  Stay tuned!

I hope everyone had a festive + fun weekend like we did.  Cheers to the short work week!!!

xoxo stacyb

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