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{weekend notes}


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Happy Tuesday!  Although I love a long weekend, short work weeks are awfully lonnngggg.  Not to mention extra busy.  But, it’s all good.  After 3-day weekend away with my family I’m feeling relaxed and recharged and ready to kick this weeks ass.  And week #2 of Kaia, the dreaded detox week.  Pray for me friends.

Our family hit I-5 North for Labor Day Weekend.  My parents rented a house in Dunsmuir, CA.  I haven’t been since I was a kid and always hear people rave about the hikes and waterfalls.  My Dad has spent the last 30 years fishing with his buddies here, so it was nostalgic for him.  He showed us all his favorite spots and fishing holes.  And we of course had to hit a couple of my bucket list stops while we were at it.


Aqua Golf Driving Range //  This place is located right off the freeway in Redding.  I read about it in one of the AAA Via magazines a while back and stuck it on the ol bucket list.  Since we NEVER make it up this way, I made sure I got the Fam Bam on board to make the stop.  The kids loved it.  I’m not gonna lie – I totally did too.  Where else can you hit balls into the Sacramento River and it’s totally okay?  Best part…if you hit a duck or beaver, you get a FREE bucket of balls…LMFAO!  Nothing like watching everyone on the driving range aiming for the poor ducks!!  Oh yeah, and they serve beer.

$12 for a large bucket of balls and $1 club rental.  It’s worth the stop!


Bailey + Joe smashing balls.

And then we have Benny….god I love him!!!

Even I hit a few balls.  Only a few though, I didn’t want to set my beer down for too long 🙂

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Sundial Bridge // I first heard of this bridge on one of those Pinterest links “20 things for kids to see in Northern California.”  So you better believe I slapped that on the bucket list too.  It’s breathtaking.  This 12-year-old bridge made up of over 200 tons of glass is indeed an actual working sundial…check it out:

As the name suggests, the Sundial Bridge is, in fact, a working sundial and is one of the largest in the world. The sundial shadow traces such a large arc that it can record only four hours a day, from 11am – 3pm. It is not accurate in winter because the shadow is too far into the arboretum to be seen. The shadow, when visible, moves about one foot per minute, so you can readily see it move.


The Sundial bridge connects the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, part of the Sacramento River Trail system.  We could have spent the day checking everything out.


Once we made it to Dunsmuir, we were all super pumped to check out Mossbrae Falls.  The trail or should I say train tracks, were literally right out the backyard of the house we were staying.


Having NO idea how the hell to get there, we just started following the steady stream of waterfall seekers.  If you ask a local, they will tell you the falls are restricted/closed to public.  Now I know why!  I guess back in 2011 a woman was hit by a trail!!


This is how you freaking get to the falls….NO joke.  Along the train tracks for close to two miles.  Hence the nickname “The Forbidden Gem!”  Thank god not a single train passed.  I’m pretty sure I would have peed myself…lol.  For reals.  Some spots, like this above had really no place to go.

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And then you arrive to this……

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I’m completely obsessed with waterfalls.  I think it’s fair to say my girl is too!

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You could feel the mist pretty much anywhere you stood.  I give this little slice of heaven 5 stars!  Never have I seen anything more stunning.  Mother Nature is bad ass!




Put it on your bucket list and be sure to check it off.  You will thank me later, promise.




Nonetheless, we survived.  I’d do it again tomorrow.  Bailey is still talking about it.  Makes my heart happy to make new memories with her and explore new favorite spots in Californian.

Cabin life: Drinking too much (mostly me) #chardsohard, eating too much (again, mostly me), card games, porch sitting, Jacuzzi dipping and sleeping in.

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The Rouge Sriracha Hot Stout is NASTY!  $16 for that bottle and we dumped it after trying it…lol.  Branigan’s Turkey Farms Turkey steak marinade recipe.  Write it down and try it!  Barbecued turkey steaks are a tradition.

The town of Weed is charming.  Kinda like the store owner, Stacy.  His Birthday was this weekend and he completely 100% believes in Bigfoot even though he says he doesn’t.  He claims he has stories that will put hair on my back?  Umm, no thanks Stacy 🙂

A friend in Weed is a friend indeed.

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Mt. Shasta City Park //  Gorgeous park in general, but when you start walking around you find trail after trail with bridges crossing the creeks.    But the Headwaters of the Sacramento River are not to be missed.  Check it out below.

People were scooping the water and drinking it like it was gold.  Some had 5 gallon buckets there were filling up.  CRAZY!  I’m all about fresh spring water, but I’ll stick to bottled.

Check out the cool trails…..


Lake Siskiyou // Never even knew this beauty existed.  Tons of fishing was going on here.  Check out the bridge.  Wagon Creek Bridge.  Hmmmm…maybe I have a thing with bridges too?   Clearly once I got a glimpse of it, I knew we had to walk across it too.

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They should add to the NO JUMPING sign, NO DUMPING ashes on the busiest day of the year.  Haha.  As we were making our way down the side of a fucking mountain I breath in, what I thought was dust.  NO, it was ashes.  I kinda wanted to ask the jerks what the person’s name was.  Dale?  Rebecca?  Robert?  Samantha?  Now that I have it’s ashes all up in my mouth, eyes and face.  I feel like we should be introduced.  Disgusting.  I get it, it’s pretty sad too.  But, until you have a dead person in your face – you just don’t get it.  Otherwise, I thought the bridge was pretty damn cool.  lol!


Castle Crags // This place wasn’t even on my radar.  A facebook friend recommended we check it out.  The dramatic rock formation elevation ranges from 2,000 ft to 6,500 ft at the dome, the tallest point situated in the middle.  You can actually hike to the top.  We did not…lol.  It’s a 10 mile loop.  If you notice I rocked flip-flops all weekend.  My Mom forgot her tennis shoes, so I took one for the team and wore sandals on all the hikes/walks.  I think she owes me a pedicure:)


We walked a small section of the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail).  The PCT is a crazy ass trail from Mexico to Canada.  Remember Wild?  If you know me, then you know it’s my dream to hike a section of this trail.  I was giddy.  Bailey thinks it would be super cool too.  We shall see when we can make it happen.  You better believe, that it too is on the ol bucket list.


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Cutest little hikers ♥


Sweetbrair, CA // The cutest little spot.  We walked down the road to one of my Dad’s favorite fishing spots.


Bailey caught 7 fish within 30 minutes.  She wouldn’t dare touch one, but she did indeed catch them…lol.  My Dad was so proud and I’d say she was equally.



All the best weekends come to and end entirely too fast!  Best Labor Day weekend ever!  Thank you Mom + Dad for planning and booking.  Thank you Tio, Kissey, Joe + Ben for exploring + making more memories together.  Love you all ♥


Hope you all have a speedy 4-day work week and survive detox week.

xoxo stacyb

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