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I’m with Pooh…FUCK!  I woke up feeling tired and uninspired.  So, I’ll blog about fashion since it’s my passion…lol.

What I wore!!


Remember my Target haul last week.  This Kimono made the cut.  It has fringe.  I love fringe.  And I’m crushing on anything navy at the moment too.  Open cardigan style is super easy to wear and throw over anything.  I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of it during the fall.  I tried it with a white tank, black v-neck and this grey tank.  Totally dug it each way, but they grey tank stood out the most.  And obvi I rock white after Labor Day 🙂

Where did this whole “No white after Labor Day” begin anyway?  Well, I asked my bestie, Google and here’s where she had to say:

Back in the nineteen 00s, 10s and 20s—the summer season was bracketed by Memorial Day and Labor Day. Society flocked en masse from town house to seaside “cottage” or mountain “cabin” to escape the heat. City clothes were left behind in exchange for lighter, whiter, summer outfits. Come fall and the return to the city, summer clothes were put away and more formal city clothes donned once more. It was an age when there was a dress code for practically every occasion, and the signal to mark the change between summer resort clothes and clothing worn for the rest of the year was encapsulated in the dictum “No white after Labor Day.” And it stuck.

I say fuck it.  Wear what ever you want.  Wear what’s appropriate (within reason) for the weather, the season or the occasion.  White is always acceptable if you ask me!!!



I found my Kimono in the Davis Target.  They had lots of them.  I can’t find it on to link it for you…sorry!!  I did link the same Kimono, but it red below.

GAP AUTHENTIC 1969 best girlfriend jeans // I put these on at least once a week.  They are a staple in my closet.  You can grab a pair for $19 today using code: CORNER.  #wearwhiteafterlaborday #fuckit

Heathered Tank Top // Every single time I walk into F21 I always walk out with at least a tank.  The heathered are perfection and only $3.99.  I have about 167 of them.  True story!

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Darjana’ Jeweled Leather Slide Sandal  // You guys I thought these would be my special occasion slides, but nope.  They’ve become my every other day summer pick.  Once I broke them in (they basically took me out of commission) I’m in love ♥  They are sold out and I haven’t found anything even close to comparable.  Maybe next summer?


Here is the red version:

Fringe Kimono

Some other cute Kimono options available at Target.  I swear their in-store selection is so much better than .com.

Tie-Dye // Printed // Black Lace Trim

xoxo stacyb

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