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Kaia Fit Risky Business, that is.  I’m 5 workouts into this CORE session and I’m absolutely LOVING it!  I swear it’s all my mindset.  My mind and my body are on the same page for the first time in a long time.  It’s pretty amazing what you can get done when your head is in the game too.   The workouts have been hard AF.  My shirt drenched.  My muscles are so sore they are screaming at me all before 6am.

Wondering what this CORE session is all about?  Here ya go……

This IS Risky Business, Ladies! Which means it’s time to check in with where you are in life and prepare to make some changes. Maybe it isn’t time for a major overhaul right now, but there’s no doubt there are a few things you’d like alter, tidy up or polish a bit. So why not take the LEAP OF A LIFETIME when you know you have a team of women behind you who will celebrate your victories and have your back when you need a little extra support. Begin by promising yourself one thing. As you get started on your list of “leaps”, focus only on positive outcomes. This is a time to forget about roadblocks and possible failures (and there will be failures, FOR SURE) and keep your eye on your successes, the end game and the prize. Remembering too, there is no final destination here, only the journey and every step of the way should be embraced and enjoyed!

My list of risk’s I’m taking are just a little to personal to share right now.  Maybe as I conquer them I will feel a little more inclined to share?  We shall see!


Let’s chat about the 5am energy?  You’d think we’d all be dead tired and dragging.  Not the case!  I owe 50% to our bad ass coach, Mallory.  Her energy is seriously contagious.  Not to mention her witty sense of humor that makes us laugh our asses off.  The other 50% goes to all the Kaia girls.  Awake and ready to push their limits and kick ass.

#somanyburpees #planksfordays

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Have you ever noticed that when your working out next to a Kaia gal, they push you to work harder?  I try to keep up.  I do that extra burpee.  Especially when you’ve got these babes working out on either side of you.  Thank you ladies for keeping me motivated!!

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So proud of the newest Kaia Coach, Sara!  Fitness is her passion.  If you’ve ever seen her in action, then you know!  Not only is she a coach, she’s one of my dearest friends.  She took the risk and became a coach.  Can’t wait to take one of her classes 🙂

Stay tuned for more Kaia post!!

xoxo stacyb


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