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{christmas card display}

Our 2015 Christmas cards


Card cred:  Minted

Photo cred: My Mom

Location: UCDavis Arboretum

We literally pulled this off in about 5 minutes.  Picked clothes from our closets, piled in the car, drove to Davis, took about 15 photos in about 5 minutes, then went out for drinks.  That’s my kind of photo situation!!

I habitually stick our cards in the post office mailbox every December 1st.  Like clockwork.  Sometimes I even go late night on November 30th to be sure they get sent out first thing the next day.  I’m super anal like that.

Now that our Christmas cards are signed, sealed and delivered.  The fun begins….receiving & collecting our family + friends cards.  Christmas cards are arriving daily.  I love checking the mailbox this time of year.  Christmas cards + packages = happy Stacy 🙂  This could quite possibly be one of my top Holiday traditions.  Photos of our family and friends with sweet holiday notes + cheer.

I like to showcase our yearly Christmas cards.  People go to a lot of work to capture the perfect family photo then carefully choose a card to compliment that picture and it’s a waste to put them away after just a few short weeks.  So, I keep them up for months.  Kinda like my poinsettia’s.  Until my friends start giving me shit.  Then I will finally take them down.  Even though I could look at them on the wall all year long and be completely content.

How do you display your cards?  I need to do something different.  Something new.  This is my current situation.


I hit Pinterest for some new ideas.  What’s your favorite?

Leave a comment with your vote.  Let’s see which display xoxostacyb’s readers love the most.


1. Washi Tape Tree


2. Holiday Card Display Tutorial


3. Garland Card Display


4. Cards On A String

xoxo stacyb

4 thoughts on “{christmas card display}

  1. Cute ideas! My absolute favorite is no. 2. But, I think if you have lots of cards, I would prefer no. 4. Either one is way better than my current situation which is a little ghetto and involves scotch tape.👀

  2. Hot glue wine corks to a yard stick, hang with a cute ribbon and/or bow, use cute pins to hang cards/photos. (Google “wine corks yard stick”) You can change the ribbon or bow seasonally or add decoration to it as you wish. My sister in-law made me one and it’s really cute with Christmas cards pinned to it during the holidays and random photos on it the rest of the year. My christmas photos sometimes stay up months after the new year, too.

  3. #4 seems most practical for the volume of cards I know that we get. I am always picking them up off the ground because I overload our hanger! I think I will try this one instead 🙂 But I think #1 is super cute.

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