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{friday 5}


ONE – Yaya’s // a group of 11 girls, that I probably would have never met or would have remained acquaintances, yet have grown to love each one of.  We are so incredibly different, but when we get together, watch out – it’s a really good time.  We’ve almost reached our second anniversary.  In these two years, I’ve gotten to know and adore each of these girls.  I look forward to Yaya time every month.

Each of us take a turn planning the monthly rendezvous.  Something fun and exciting.  Really, you could throw us in a room with a of bottles of wine and we would have a great time.  This month we took a cooking class.


The Davis Co-op offers great hands-on cooking classes.  Some for kids too.  We mastered the art of wine drinking.  Oh and we made a potato soup, fall salad (with candied pecans + persimmons) and a savory scone.  We also got to sit down and enjoy the delicious meal together.  Thanks Kathy for the fun night!!

co-op class

TWO – Addicted is an understatement.  Big Little Lies is so well-plotted, engrossing, smart and witty.  I feel like I could be friends with these Aussie mum’s.  The characters are described in such a believable way, you feel as though you personally know them.  It’s a brilliant take on ex-husbands and second wives, mothers and daughters, school scandals and dangerous little lies.  I would say it’s a page turner, but for me it’s a disc changer…lol.  I don’t read, it makes me sleep.  So, I listen to audio books in the car while I drive.  I can’t wait to hop in my car and start where I left off on this novel.  I’m on chapter 59 and it’s got me hooked.

Book Rec

THREE – These little fuckers are back.  I swore I wouldn’t buy any this year.  But….I did.  Then the bag was gone…I have NO idea where they went.  Swear!  EPIC FAIL.  There’s just something about this perfect combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter in a pumpkin shape.  Better than the regular reese’s.  Ok, I’m done.


FOUR – Due to the above, I will be partaking in a 2-day cleanse beginning Monday morning.  I’m not a regular cleanser.  I actually hate cleanses.  I do need to get my ass back on track though.  I’ve done this particular one before and it’s not too bad, you actually get to eat food.  I feel like once you’ve dedicated two whole days of your life to rabbit food (and NO coffee or wine), you body’s reset button get’s bitch slapped back to reality.  Finger’s crossed this happens and I can get back on track with a healthier lifestyle that I crave this time of year.  I will keep you posted!!

2-day cleanse

FIVE – Bailey hasn’t been to the downtown tick-or-treat street since she was a baby.  It always falls mid-day on a weekday (#workingmomproblems)  I’m so excited to take her Halloween afternoon.  Downtown has really stepped it up lately, so many fun festive events this week. Willards Haunted House + Woodland Public Library Halloween Party are a couple of other fun events taking place this weekend.

 See you and your kiddos in costume on Main Street.

Trick or treat street

Tonight is the Annual Plainfield Harvest Carnival.  One of the best events of the year.  Games + Prizes + Food.  Hope to see all my Plainfield peeps there!!

Harvest Carnival
time to wine

Enjoy your first sip of wine and remember, you DO NOT have to work tomorrow….ahhhh, it tastes so much better on Fridays, right?!?!

Happy Friday to all and to all a good weekend!!

xoxo stacyb

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