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{st patrick’s day at home}

St Patrick’s Day is clearly going to look + feel a little different this year. Just because we’re not going to be hitting up the pub for green beers + bangers, doesn’t mean we still cant have some fun!

Don’t let the Holiday pass without a little celebration. I’ve got some ideas you can incorporate to make an isolation celebration!

You know the Holiday Whore in me couldn’t let this day get away without some festive shit, right?

Green Breakfast or Snacks | Dye your pancakes green. Turn some yogurt green. It’s the little things that go a long way

Make An Irish Coffee | Just don’t let your kids have a sip…ha! I think this recipe looks bomb: Irish Coffee Recipe

Wear Green | Although nobody will want to touch you anyway, bust out your green. Even if you’re not planning to leave the house I think getting ready is huge when it comes to creating a routine.

Play Festive Music | Have you ever googled “Irish Music?” Me either. Until today! It’s actually really fun and you can’t help but dance around and act goofy!

Make a DIY Cabbage Centerpiece | Since your kids probably wont eat cabbage anyway, make it into a festive centerpiece. I followed this tutorial here: DIY Cabbage Flower Centerpiece

Green Play Dough | For a fun activity to keep the kids out of your hair for a hot one. I found a super easy recipe and you’ll most likely have all the ingredients on hand. Play Dough Recipe

4 Leaf Clover Hunt | Go for a family walk in search of a 4-leaf clover. Whoever finds on first gets an extra special treat from the quarantine stash.

Leprechaun Milk Shakes | Add some green food coloring to your kiddos milkshakes. There is something about changing the color that makes it extra exciting!

Shots Shots Shots | Once the kids hit the hay. Pull out that whiskey and pour yourself a big ass shot. You did it mama. You survived Day #4 of the coronavirus quarantine.

Happy St Patty’s Day friends. Drink some beer! Have a good one! And wash your fucking hands!

xoxo stacyb

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