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Monday!!  And I’m finally BACK!  Took some time off to enjoy the holidays.  But, now I’m overwhelmed with everything we need to chat about.  Christmas.  Yosemite.  New Years.  My 37th.  Plans + goals.  Recipes.  #ootd’s  Oh my!  I’ve planned my content for the week and thought I’d start sharing what’s on the agenda.  So on Weekend Notes, under my Intentions for the Week.  I’m now listing: This week on the blog…..

Anyway just want to say a BIG ASS THANK YOU for all the birthday shout outs.  You all sure know how to make a girl feel special AF on her 37th birthday ♥  One more celebrating and we’re calling it a wrap!

Intentions for the Week…..

  • Get Bay back on a good morning routine (she’s been sleeping till 10am) We killed it all week….on time and sometimes even early…NEVER happens
  • Take down outdoor Christmas lights We are Christmas FREE Ha.  So can I put up Valentine’s Day decor now? 
  • Practice my own {busy gals guide to self care}
  • Style my front porch – Still trying to decided what I want to do…I’ve got a patio area too
  • Meal prep like a boss – meal prep is so key for staying on track!
  • Go to bed early AF – Came down with a nasty cold, so I really didn’t have a choice
  • Find some baskets + pots for our family members #houseplants – I found some super cute baskets + pots.  I’ll be sharing more this week.
  • Clean the downstairs closet
  • Hit my step goal + water goal each day – being sick didn’t help this goal, but I made up for it over the weekend.  
  • Celebrate our birthday with Sara B


This week on the blog…..

Organizing.  Healthy-ish Chicken Salad Recipe.  Word for 2019.  Rules for raising a teenage girl.


Highlights from the weekend……

Yaya Reunion //

It’s been 1 whole years since the gang (missing a few) was back together.  We drank.  We ate.  We talked.  We laughed.  Then we drank some more.


{photo cred: Nikki’s iPhone}

I will hands down order the Morgan’s on Main seafood pasta each and every time it’s their special.  Try it…BOMB!


Ran into the Birthday girl, Ashley.  And my best bitch, Allison.  She keeps me blonde ♥


Saturday I turned the BIG 37!

My bad ass hairdresser stopped by in the morning with my favorite chardonnay and handed me a soaking wet package that was on my front porch. I opened it and found this gorgeous Ansel Adams Yosemite book. I mentioned how beautiful it was and Cory remembered (or asked Bay 😂) and ordered me a copy for my birthday ❤️ Now I’m off to buy a new houseplant. And probably open that bottle of chard before noon. Proof I’m officially old AF! Thank you for all the sweet birthday messages + photos + texts + emails + calls. You sure do know how to make a girl feel the love. I’m not even mad about waking up at 5am or the rain anymore.

Ansel Adams in Yosemite Valley: Celebrating the Park at 150


I got my houseplants.


Family dinner to celebrate my old ass!

Then off to bed.  In that exact order.  And it was fucking perfect!  Ha!!


Sunday we had the most chill morning/day.


Bay sleeps……


I meal prepped.

Chili Lime Walnuts

  • 3 cups almonds
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Seasoning

In the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.


Did sweet potatoes the same way and LOVE them.  Great side dish.  Add to salads.  And I love to put a fried egg over them too!  Yumm!


Made sheet pan chicken fajita bowls for lunches.  I’ll share more later.  But, I did write about it wayyyy back in October 2016 {weekend notes}


Cut veggies for snacking.  You can see my ugly green counters at the top of this photo…lol.


Healthy-ish Chicken Salad.  And OBSESSED with this Chobani greek yogurt.  I’m not a fan of yogurt, like ever.  But this stuff is really good.  I’ve been subbing it for everything.


When Alex texts and says “wanna drink some wine”…..and you basically run.  HA!  Then Martini Mama Liz pops in for martinis.  #score!!!


Watched the red carpet and a little of the Golden Globes.


Got to Cory’s just in time for Sunday night dinner. Bay + Scott had a blast…lol.



Just a heads up!!!  My Cocoon Cardigan is back in stock!!!  I’ve been getting tons of messages about it.  So here ya go:

Woven Patterned Cocoon Cardigan




And LOTS of questions about these eye drops.  They are $11.  I’m cheap AF and I didn’t really want to break bread on them.  But I will buy these over and over again.  They make your eyes so crystal clear + white.  Just trust me on this one…k?

Here are a couple of places you can find them……

Amazon // Target // Walmart 


Lastly, I posted an American Eagle Try-On to stories this afternoon.  They’ve got some cute shit.  And everything I’m sharing below is 40% off!!!

You can click on any of the images below to be directed to the website.

As always, thank you for placing orders through my links.  I make a small commission, but every little bit adds up ♥

Make it a great week friends!  Let’s do this.  And if you didn’t hit the ground running this morning…you’re not alone!

xoxo stacyb

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