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{friday 5}


Hello, hello and Happy Friday.  TFGIF!  This week was touch + go.  I’m happy to report, I survived!  Can you believe we’re at the tail end of January ALREADY!  I think I’m finally ready to tackle the new year.  The struggle has been real! Like really real.  How about you?

Weekend plans?

Kick it with the Truitt’s….it’s been too long.  Maybe sneak in one more movie?  Smother my girl till she’s sick of me.  Make + shoot an arugula salad to share next week.  The weather channel says 64 degrees Sunday (no rain).  Maybe even a little sunshine.  So, I hope to be outside for more than like, half a second for once.

Let’s get to the 5 things on my mind today……


ONE – New Logo // Did you catch a peak at the new logo I added to the blog?  Isn’t she pretty?  I’ve been on the hunt for something with a little color to brighten up the site a bit.  When they talk about the January blues….they aint joking.  I have never been so ready for some sunshine + 70 degrees in my whole life.  So I thought I’d fill my house with pretty blooms.  And a pretty floral logo to make me smile.  Flowers have been proven to be a mood lifter…I wrote about it here: {friday 5}



TWO – Another stripe top // You will never believe it!!!  I fell in love with another stripe top!  This one is so good that I recommend you stop what you’re doing and order it NOW!  Or go to Arden and find one in-store.  That’s where I picked this one up, since all the sizes are just about sold out online.  Perfect henley neckline.  And it’s fitted.  Which you all know I love.  The tighter the better…lol.  This one doesn’t get all stretched out either.  I’m here to tell you about all the good shit you “need” and this is at the top of the list today!

Comes in 8 solids + stripes color combos too!

Oh yeah, and it’s $14!  Such a steal!





THREE – The Commons Farm Kitchen + Bar, Guinda // Found this little gem on FB a couple of weeks ago.  It randomly popped up in my feed.  The restaurant recently opened in December.  This little roadside spot has been so many different restaurants in the past.  I really hope this one sticks.

Obsessed with the bar stools right out front.  I can see myself squating there for a cold one, come summertime.

They will be offering a BBQ menu for the Almond Festival.  Take that extra few miles up the valley and check this place out.


We are farmers, we grow food. We love our cows, they feed us.  At the Commons Farm Kitchen, it’s pretty simple. Work. Eat. Sit down with your neighbors and have a beer. Relax in our shady yard, take a swing on the carry-all, play some bocce ball.

Check out their simple, but perfect little menu (which is updated weekly): Menu




FOURInstagram’s latest feature // The new Instagram update now lists “active status” for users in the DM (direct message) area.  Allowing followers to see when you were last active.  No big deal right?  Wrong!  I’m personally not a fan.  Just this week alone, I’ve had weirdo’s message me.  Then follow-up with another message about the fact they can see I have been active and haven’t responded.  Ummmm, you didn’t get a response because you’re a fucking creep!  Good news – you can switch this feature to “off”

I imagine there is a good reason for this update?  Not sure what, but I’m not down with it.

Go to options (the sunshine looking circle next to edit profile).  Under Settings you’ll see Show Active Status.  Slide to the left so there is white showing on the right (instead of blue) and you’re active status will no longer be public.  Note – once this is turned off, you won’t be able to see the activity status of other accounts.  You’re welcome!

turn-off-last-active-status-instagram-iphone-3_bbd0589a8b8c01c1e9cd4567718fe1c5 (1).jpg



FIVE – Links I ♥

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A Winter escape sounds pretty amazing right about now

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Free People does it again


Ok, Byyeeeee!  See you next week!


xoxo stacyb

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