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{friday 5}

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Let the weekend begin, it’s music to my ears.  I’m looking forward to slow mornings.  Making breakfast.   Planting some flowers in the front yard.  Catching my nephews basketball games.  Bike rides.  Soaking up as much sunshine as I possibly can.  What’s your weekend looking like?

Friday 5 is what I do, so here we goooo……

ONE – Remember last time I posted my blog stats?  If not, you can read about it here {friday 5}.  Well, I posted my weight again and guess what?  I had record breaking stats AGAIN.  I guess I know what you all want to read.  How much my ass weighs.  I watched as the number grew larger + larger.  (emailing my Mom to update her and we cracked up laughing together) Adding Brazil + Thailand this time.  WTF?  1047 peeps read

and looked at my before + after photos.  Again, I did the math and it turns out that 1.87% of Woodland currently knows my weight.  Last time I felt a little insecure after my post.  This time….I say, fuck it:)


TWO –  I bought these tulips last Saturday.  $9 at Costco.  Anyone else scoop up a bunch?  I normally make a TJ’s stop once a week for a bundle of their inexpensive stems.  Anyway, they are still just as gorgeous as the day I brought them home.  Every time I walk in the room I smile, kinda like they are welcoming me.  LOL.  Sounds super ridic, but I promise they bring happiness.  Beyond being beautiful, flowers deliver health promoting benefits too.  You think I’m crazy, huh?  Read here + here.  Go get your house some flowers and thank me later.

FullSizeRender (1)

THREE – I finally upgraded to an iPhone 6 plus (after a tragic screen shattering accident).  Holy cow…it’s amazing.  Coming from a former iPhone 5c user.  I call it my almost best friend.  I take her everywhere I go.  She’s by my side 24 hours a day 7 days a week….we are inseparable.  She snaps pics of my life and everything I love.  Sometime I even fall asleep with her in my hand (finger on the screen scrolling).  She stores all of my personal info.  Maybe I should give her a real name?  Goldie?  I like it.  Goldie it is!  Then I found Joy Merryman iPhone cases.  They are swoon worthy.  I’m completely infatuated with marble at the moment.  Only white with strands of gold + gray + silver.  So this is basically perfection.  I bet Goldie would thank me if she could 🙂  This Tortoise Shell + Gold Polka Dot are pretty rad too.

Marble iPhone Case


FOUR –  Yesterday was National Drink Wine Day.  Unfortunately I was unable to partake.  Why oh why did this “Holiday” have to fall during lent?  It was a sad, sad day.  I hope you all enjoyed your glass of grapes.  30 more days and I will be guzzling my beloved drink again 🙂


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FIVE – Last night Bailey’s 4th grade class hosted a Dinner show.  Tamale dinner + Gold Rush or Bust, with the 4th graders as the cast.  Their hard work paid off.  Such a cute play and each student had a signing/dancing role.  Looking forward to the 4th grade overnight trip to Sutter’s Fort in April with this bunch.


{photo cred: Sara Blickle}

Boots + plaid.  These girls have been friends since kindergarten, and Ruby since preschool.  I mean, can it get any cuter?

Cheers to Friday peeps!  Live it up and have a great weekend 🙂

xoxo stacyb

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