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{elf on the damn shelf // final days}


Raise your hand if you’re ready to the Elf on the Damn Shelf to disappear?  FOR-EV-ERRRR!

You’ve got two more night and DONE!  Done for 11 months!  11 months of sleeping soundly.  11 months of not waking up to OHHH SHIT!!!  11 months of not cleaning up a frickin mess that you made the night before.  11 months of pure joy!

Since we’re on the final stretch, let’s make it a good one.  You in?  Okay, good!


Elf on the Damn Shelf Final Days

Supplies needed:

  • lipstick or dry erase marker
  • free printable letter (below)
  • bottle of wine


Day #1

Write a message on the mirror with lipstick or a dry erase marker.  Some ideas:


“Be Good”

“Santa is watching”

“Don’t be an asshole”

That’s it.  Your last mess to clean up!



Day #2

A letter from the Elf on the Damn Shelf.  Click and print on the image below.  Or click on the link and it will take you to the free printable.  Don’t forget to sign you Elf on the Damn Shelf’s name at the bottom.

Throw that shit on the Tree and you are officially done!!!


Take that bottle of wine.  Open it up.  Pour yourself a big glass.  Or hell, drink it straight from the bottle.  You deserve it!!

Pat yourself on the back.  You survived 25 days of hell.


Elf on the Damn Shelf Letter



Now go and enjoy the Holidays!  Have a good one!!

xoxo stacyb

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