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{elf on the damn shelf // week 2}


Okay mama’s, the big question of the day…..

How did week #1 go?  Did you forget to move the Elf on the Damn Shelf more times that you didn’t?

OMG…me too!

I never once remembered to move the Elf on the Damn Shelf the night before.  Every. Single. Morning. I came racing down the stairs as I heard Bay’s alarm go off.  Thank GOD I made this little guide/ideas post last week, because if came in handy.  I used it for each day.  How about you?  Did you find it helpful for the days you were just ready to say fuck it?  He’s not moving for the rest of the damn week?

Well, if so…I’m here to hook you up with 7 more easy ideas to get you through week #2.  This is what I like to call Hell Week.

The week where you just want to throw in the towel.

Don’t!  It’s for the kids, remember?  It’s the Holidays.  Think of all the memories you’re making for them.  And remember, one day, wayyyy down the road (better be) they will have to do this for their kids too.

I’m baking on that phone call…..

“Mom, you really did this shit for 25 frickin days?!?!”

Okay, let’s get to Week #2

Elf on the Damn Shelf Week #2

Supplies needed:

  • cheerios
  • leftover mini marshmallows from last week
  • a note: “HELP!”
  • box of candy canes
  • a note: “I have hidden 6 candy canes in the room.  Can you find them in 1 minute or less?”


Day #1

UR MOM IS HOT!  Sorry, I had to.  You’re a MILF and you know it 🙂  Our Elf on the Damn Shelf is a girl.  And I’m still 100% doing this.  Have a good sense of humor.  Or your kids wont…ha!  Promise this will make them giggle.  Then they’ll probably just eat all the Cheerios and go on about their merry day.

milf (1).jpg


Day #2

Yesterday was so funny that you deserve an easy day.  Shove that Elf on the Damn Shelf in a stocking and call it a day.

See you tomorrow fucker!



Day #3

Remember last week when I told you to save 1/2 of the bag of marshmallows?  Pull them out of hiding.  Hopefully they aren’t all hard and stale.  Even if they are, it’s totally OK.  Let’s give that little jerk a marshmallow bubble bath.  Don’t drown him, k!

Again, remember to use a sink you’re not planning on using for the next 24 hours.  A bowl next to the sink will do the trick too!



Day #4

HEEELLLLPPPP!  No explanation needed 🙂




Day #5

I know, it’s been a long week.  And that Elf on the Damn Shelf is looking like he aint moving tonight.  Because the effort is wayyy too much.  I get it.  Here’s an easy one for you.  Hang from the mistletoe.

If you have two kids….when they stand under it the next morning, make them kiss each other.  They will be so disgusted it will make you giggle.

Good job mama!  You moved the jerk another day!




Day #6

The candy cane game.  I have to admit, this one is gonna suck.  This is not a quick one.  This is one that requires a little more time.  Sorry!  Here’s what you do.  Throw that Elf on the Damn Shelf in the tree…or on advent calendar….or the ground.  It really doesn’t matter, your kids will find him ANYWHERE!  Grab 6 candy canes and hide them all over the house.  Make it hard.  Stick a note the Elf on the Damn Shelf that reads:

I have hidden 6 candy canes in the room.  Can you find them in 1 minute or less?

Cute, huh?



Day #7

You made it!  2 weeks down.  1 more to go and you’re at the finish line.  Maybe you need a few days off though.  Or the rest of the week.  You know, to recharge and get your head back in the game.  I’ve got you covered.  This one came from my homegirl Allison Kindelt.   She text me the other morning and I was like, yesssss!  Totally using this!

Elf on the Damn Shelf broke his leg.  Santa’s strict orders are to NOT move for however many days you need!

It’s brilliant.

Parenting WIN!!!



I know it’s been a lonnnnggg two weeks.  One more to go.  And a couple plus days.  See the light at the end of the tunnel.

And come back Saturday for the final week!!

You’re doing great!!!


xoxo stacyb

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