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{bringing back the scrunchie}


Bay is bringing the scrunchie back!

The highly contested 90’s hair accessory is again seeing the light of day.

Let’s be real, when Bella Hadid + Selena Gomez start posting instagram pics with their hair tied up in the throwback trend, you know it’s back!


A 90’s hairpiece.  Formally worn by EVERYONE, and is now and embarrassment to society.

The girl wore a scrunchie to school, then got chased out by everyone, due to lake of stylish hairpiece.

Thank you so much Urban Dictionary for breaking it down, once again!  Ha!


I couldn’t have said it better.  I’m pretty sure I burned all my scrunchies.  Man, if only I would have kept them.  I’d have enough to keep Bay in supply for months!!


Take a look as some of these Pinterest images below!!!

Free People has so many cute options too.  Free People Scrunchies!


If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon, scroll down for two cute options that Bay has had on maj repeat lately!!


Eyelet Bow Scrunchie

Use code: YESPLEASE for an additional 30% off through today! 



Chambray Bow Scrunchie



In case you’re not quite ready to rock the scrunchie, here is another super cute hair accessory that I ordered for Bay this week!

Leather Bow Ties



We believe the scrunchie deserves a second chance?  Who’s with us?


xoxo stacyb

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