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{weekend notes}


Hope you all had a great weekend!  I’m sure you noticed that I was MIA last week.  I got lots of calls, text + emails asking where the fuck I was…lol.  Honestly it was one of those weeks where I knew I just couldn’t make it all happen.  This space is for fun.  And when I don’t have the time, this is one of the first things I have to put on the back burner.


One of the main reasons this blog didn’t happen…..

As many of you know, Spring Show was last week/weekend.  I spent the entire week going back and forth from the Fairgrounds with this girl.



Monday + Wednesday were spent getting the fairgrounds ready for all the Spring Show projects to arrive.

Thursday the pigs arrived.  Vet checks and weigh-in.

Barbecue weighed in at 270 lbs.


Friday was Bay’s favorite day.  Farm Connection Day.  The Plainfield 5th graders took a fieldtrip out to the Fairgrounds to see these girls and their pigs ♥

Spring Show neighbors / besties / brothers.



The pig barn cousins

FullSizeRender (19).jpg

{photo cred: Sara Blickle}

The best part of Farm Connection Day, Lauren (Bay’s idol) came to visit.  Lauren is the sweetest girl…I wrote about the time she took Bay out on an ice cream date here {friday 5}.  Bailey decided that she’s saving all her money from the sale of her pig to buy a car, just like Lauren did.  Thank you Lauren, for being such a great role model of my girl!!!

And can we talk about Laruen’s super cute boots?!?



Friday night was show time.  But, first we make a pit stop for a french braid.  Some day I’m going to learn to french braid, until then – we go to Fricke’s.  Margaritas + braids…lol!  Thanks Alex for hooking us up all weekend 🙂


Love Claire the photo bomber!!


Bay’s dad (aka baby daddy) even made it in time to watch bay show.


Some of their biggest fans came out to watch…Aunt Penny + Tyler


And of course GG ♥



Bailey #768 // Ruby #769

Bay didn’t place for showmanship, but she did a great job out there.



{photo cred: Nikki Jansen}


FullSizeRender (16)

She did place 3rd in her class for Market.  Which made the 6 hour wait all worth it!  This was around 10:30 pm Friday night.



We watched some of our favorite Primary’s show their animals

Andee + her homegirl Louise the chicken


Kate + Hip hop the rabbit.


She even let the Truitt kiddos brush and pet Barbecue too.  Even though she looks pissed off about it.  Straight mean muggin Bay!!



And I can’t forget the 4-H Barn Dance.

Addy + Bay went to their first dance together.  How in the hell am I old enough to have a kid going to a dance?


We took a mom + daughter picture too.  Ashley + I went to our first dance together back at Lee Jr. High.  Crazy!!



Sunday morning breakfast before the auction.  Bacon + Sausage, because it just makes sense, right?


Big thank you to Cookie Connection for making the cutest pig cookies for Bay’s buyers gift.  We wrapped them up on top of a pig shaped cutting board.


Sunday auction day with these clowns 🙂


We took a picture against this same barn last year….it’s become our new photo tradition ♥


Bothers // they had never been separated till the were delivered to the fairgrounds.  They slept with their snouts touching.  Sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!!


Ready for Auction!


There’s my girl waiting her turn.  I was too busy watching to take anymore pictures!!


Press play 〉


Bailey finished with an $11/lb sale + some tears.  It was along weekend, but I’m so crazy proud of this girl.  The memories made and all her hard work really paid off ♥


xoxo stacyb

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  1. Beautiful tribute to your daughter (and you) for her dedication to 4-H and her piggie. I love that the girls are so interested in ag. & that Penny & Aunt Sis are able to get out there to support!! Also nice that the friends are involved!

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