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{weekend notes}

Happy Monday Tuesday!  I had every intention of finishing this post yesterday and just tan out out of time.  So Happy Tuesday, it’s closer to the weekend so that makes it better anyway.

We had the best weekend!  I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the work week.  Maybe because it’s a short work week?  Ha.  Either way, I’m ready for the week!

I hope you too got to enjoy the sunshine + friends + family + lots of cocktails!!!


You’ll never guess here we went Friday?  We went to Blue Note, again.   It’s for sure become our Friday night thing!  The whole family met for after work beers.  Some friends joined us too!

Say Hi To Benny Bear!!!


Check out this tall can!  How did I, the queen of tall cans, not even know Blue Note sold them.  I know what I’ll be getting next time.

(thanks for being the tall can model Joe)


The kids played games + bought tons of girl scout cookies.  I may of had a few.  More like, a shit ton!  See the boxes sitting at the end of the table….farrrr away from me…lol!


Then the Fricke’s for a final-final…..kinda

Love these kiddos ♥


Saturday morning we went to watch my nephew Joe’s basketball game.  It’s crazy how good these kids are.  Good game Joe!!!



Then we were off to the City for our fun Mom + Daughter + Grammy weekend!  A weekend away was just what we needed.

Minutes into the drive Bay proclaimed her love of nachos!  And I’ve always wanted to try Gracias Madre.  Honestly, I can’t even tell you why.  When we got to the ghetto, where this restaurant is located, we almost left.  LOL!  It looks like a hole in the wall.  Annnddd, how did I not get the memo that it is vegan mexican food?  Ha.

Thank god for the one man bad that played his guitar and serenaded Bay the whole time.  We were able to enjoy vegan margs + some not so nachos.  Only joking.  The food was actually really good.  Just not the taqueria  style Mexican food we had in mind.

The menu was “different” that’s all I can say.  We found some things to try…..

Flautas de Camote

Rolled crispy tacos with sweet potato and caramelized onion. Topped with guacamole, pico de gallo and nacho cashew cheese. Served with black beans and escabeche

Totopos with Tempeh Chorizo + Avocado

House made chips tossed in a creamy chipotle salsa roja. Topped with cashew crema and cilantro.

Everything was surprisingly delicious!  Especially the margs 🙂


The Painted Ladies // Our first time checking out these beauties.  One of the most photographed in San Francisco.  Also know as where Full House was filmed.  Really just the red doored home was shown in the opening credits.  Which is no longer red.  So sad!

I found this cool website with facts that Bay and I read last night…..

25 Fun Facts About the Painted Ladies

Unfortunately Alamo Square is currently closed, but once it’s opened this is a fun spot to sit and take a break to enjoy the views!

If you’ve never been, this is a pretty cool spot to check out.  Add it to your SF to-do list.


The next spot you HAVE to check out, according to my 10-year -old….


The Chinatown centered on Grant Avenue and Stockton Street in San Francisco, California, is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia.


(standing in Ross Alley in front of the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory)


Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory // This hard to find landmark is a must!  Bay + I have been here before and wanted to take my Mom to check it out.  It’s legit in an alley in the heart of Chinatown.  No joke.

You can watch as they hand make fortune cookies.  They hand out warm samples to try, which are to die for.  Bet you’ve never had a warm fortune cookies before?  You can also pay a small fee ($1.50) and write your own messages to go in the center of the fortune cookies.

Bay and I each made one and watched as they folded it into a freshly made fortune cookie.  Pretty cool!  Those are our personalized fortunes she’s folding into the cookies below.

We came across this shop on the side of the street.  This little old man handed you a book of names.  You found your name.  He then wrote it in Chinese.  If you saw the Instagram + Facebook video I posted, then you heard at the end….He proudly said “Bayyyy Leee” once he was done.

This was Bay’s #2 highlight of the weekend.  Something so little was so cool to her.  And cost only $3.00.



(image via)

Remember I told you Bay + I have always talked about waking up at the Fairmont one day?  Well, it happened.  It was a surprise.  After leaving Chinatown we went straight to the hotel.  We sat in the valet line….patiently waiting for Bailey to realize what was happening.  She didn’t…ha.  Not till the valet unloaded all our bags for us.  Then she lost her shit.  Freaked out with excitement.

Then she made her self ridiculously at home….as you can see!!

I may or may not have told a little white lie for a possible room upgrade.   I told concierge that it was Bay’s birthday.  In my defense, we later realized that this was actually Bay’s 1/2 birthday the same weekend.  So it really wasn’t a lie.

But, either way….it worked.  They set us up in a room with views that I’ve never seen from a hotel room before.

Shortly after we settled into the room, there was a knock on the door.  Concierge sent a Happy Birthday balloon to our room for Bailey…Haha!!


Check out the view from my bed.  It’s had to see in this photo, but between two buildings, you can see the Bay bridge.  At night we could watch the twinkling lights go up and down the bridge.  Gorgeous!


From our room window, we spotted the Mark Hopkins right across the street.  Since it was 4pm, we clearly decided to go over and check out their happy hour situation.

On the 19th floor of the grand Mark Hopkins Hotel, you’ll find the Top of the Mark.  Breathtaking panoramic views of San Francisco can be seen from this penthouse lounge.  The lounge serves tapas + amazing cocktails beginning at 4:30 pm (you can also avoid the cover charge if you dine + drink early)

My Grandpa Brown would always tell my parents he was busy, “Going to the Top of the Mark” whenever they asked him to babysit.  He was always joking, but it was cool to reminisce while we #chardsohard 🙂



Check out the view + my chard!!


A couple of years ago, we had my birthday dinner at the Tonga Room.  This cool restaurant is located in the basement of the Fairmont.  I can’t even count how many times Bay has talked about how fun this place is.

From the authentic menu, to the amazing ambiance, the live band that floats on the water in the center of the restaurant to the rain.  Yes, it actually rains in the Tonga Room.


Everything on their menu looks amazing and it was hard to choose from.  We ordered…..

Mongolian Beef: wok flashed beef, scallion, gia lan, crispy rice noodles

Tonga Hot Pot: seafood melange in a spicy shellfish sauce, bean sprouts, snap peas, sweet potatoes

Hawaiian Fried Rice: forbidden rice, spam, coconut, pineapple


The photos don’t even do this food any justice.


Let’s take a minute to talk about The 1944 Mai Tai’s.  The last visit I had one of these cocktails and walked out a little tips.  Remember, I don’t like fruity or sweet drinks.  These are so damn good, knock your socks off good.

My Mom + I each ordered one.  The server came back and had them in regular old glasses.  No way Jose….I asked him to get us the coconut cups.  Ha.  He kinda hated me for a minute.

But, we got the cups.  I kinda have this thing with stealing random items from restaurants.  Like weird spoons + cups….etc.  I now own 2 coconut cups at home 🙂  Ha!  Watch, Fairmont will charge me $100 for taking them.  It’s totally worth it.

And since we were about 10 steps to the elevator and 3 floors up from the restaurant.  We decided to order a second drink.  Let’s just say, one is probably enough 🙂  I can’t remember the last time the three of us laughed nonstop….probably never!


Bailey celebrated her 1/2 Birthday yet again.  The server even sang her Happy Birthday!!

Bay stuck the flower from her virgin daiquiri behind her ear.  She also decided that daiquiri are her new favorite drink!

I’d have to say dinning at the Tonga Room was the highlight to my weekend.  We sat and enjoyed the cocktails + the band + delicious food + laughed for over an hour.  What more could you ask for!


Waking up at the Fairmont, Bay’s #1 highlight of the weekend.  We watched the sunrise.  And Bay jumped from bed to bed and I didn’t even care.  The giggles were contagious.


I got in on the fun too!


I can officially mark this off the ol bucket list.  But, I can’t promise we wont be back.  The Fairmont treated us like royalty.  I can honestly say, I’ve never stayed in a hotel like this before.  Not only is it beautiful, the staff goes above and beyond to make your stay the very best.  The doormen + valet dudes + concierge + housekeeping + bar/restaurant staff….everyone went out of their way.


Sunday morning we walked to  Mr Holmes Bakehouse.  We’ve been before, but were too late to score any goods.  They legit sellout and close for the day….at any given time.

The line was crazy.  Peeps get there at the butt crack of dawn for the famous cruffins.  It’s a cross between a croissant and a muffin.  Basically heaven!!

We got baked in SF!!!

The best thing we got….the churro croissant.  It even had a filling…OMG!!!

They offer savory + sweet goodies.  One of them had smoked salmon + seaweed + wasabi.  Peeps were going crazy for it.


It’s not physically possible for me to leave the City without having a bowl of calm chowder.  Boudin is the best!

I always, always find a tall can 🙂


Bailey can’t physically leave the City without on of Boudin’s sourdough bread animals.  It’s one of our many traditions.


Believe it or not, ALL three of us had never visited Alcatraz.  We bought our tickets over a month ago, as they sell out weeks in advance.  Crazy, right?

Although we had amazing weather the whole time, it was chilly on the island.


Have you ever been to Alcatraz?  We found it to be a errie, but super cool + interesting too.

The kitchen…..


It feels so much further than 1 1/4 miles from the City, don’t you think?


Three stories of cells…..

Bay makes a cute prisoner…

Those are the showers….

This is where the inmates were issued their uniforms.  Is it called a jail uniform?  Sounds kinda funny.

The Main Prison.  We did the Audio tour, which was the best part!  Actual inmates voices tell you different details about their stay at Alcatraz.  They talk about their day.  The noises at night.



Thank you for making the trip with us Mom.  I mean, who what have drank wine + mai tai’s with me?  Haha, only joking…kinda!  I read this article yesterday about “Study shows the more you hang out with your Mom, the longer she’ll live.  I plan to keep you around forever, so let’s plan another fun weekend soon!!!

I love weekend adventures with these two ♥

It’s always sad when a great weekend comes to an end…….


xoxo stacyb

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  1. Thanks for including me in your weekend adventure! My calves felt those San Francisco hills!!! I love spending time with you and look forward to our next adventure! Hugs! ❤️

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