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#ootm // outfit of the morning.


These are a few of my favorite things.  Workout edition!!  I’m beyond picky when it comes to workout gear.  If it slips, it’s gone.  If it can’t handle sweat, it’s gone.  High waisted ONLY.  Lightweight.  And comfy too.

That’s a lot of shit I have to look for when buying workout gear.




These are some good ones, and I’m going to tell you why!!!


LEGGINGS – Lululemon Align Crop I can’t tell you how great these leggings are.  You really just need to break down a buy a pair.  I know the price is insane, but I can promise you, YOU WILL LOVE THEM!  I only leggings from Lululemon.  Personally, I think everything else is a little overrated + over priced.  Remember a couple of weeks ago, when Zappos reimbursed me for my beloved booties?  Well, I did the only thing I could think of, invested in 2 new pairs of lulu pants.  My first pair of Align and they are the shit!!!  The Nulu fabric feels like you are essentially naked.  Like an extension of your skin.  So so good.

  • sweat wicking
  • 4-day stretch
  • high-waisted
  • lightweight
  • buttery soft

Not to mention, your butt looks pretty good in them too.  Get a pair and thank me later:)


SPORTS BRA – Danskin Seamless Sports Bra Yep, I get my sports bras at Walmart for under $10.  They come in all different colors + styles.  The seamless racer back is my jam.  Some chicks tell me I can only get away with cheapys like these, because I’m a small chested gal?  LOL!  Maybe?!?!  I’m a huge fan and will continue to sports bra shop at Wally World.


SOCKS – Zella Tab Back Socks  One of my girlfriends turned me onto tab back socks when I joined a running group.  I’ve been sold since.  The tab back is so soft and comfy.  Thick.  No-slip.  Bailey even wears them now.  Clearly they are pretty good….check out the 149 Nordstrom reviews.


NIKE – Nike Free TR 6 I am a forever Nike girl.  I found these trainers off an instagram story a few months back.  They are currently marked down to $69 and I’m debating on buying a new pair now.  That’s how much I dig them.

And check out the rose gold pair at Nordstrom!!  OMG!!!

A lightweight, breathable mesh training shoe is deceptively strong and supportive, featuring dynamic Flywire cables that asymmetrically wrap the forefoot for a stable, locked-down feel during even the toughest workouts. A flexible tri-star outsole adjusts to every step, expanding and contracting to help disperse pressure equally, while subtle cushioning adds comfort.


SWEATER – North Face CRESCENT FULL ZIP this zip-up is super warm for the early 5am runs that Mallory likes to make us do this BRIK session.  It’s not too bulky.  Sometimes I rock it with my jeans too.  It’s a pretty universal zip-up.


TANK – this one was a gift from my homegirl Nikki!  Thanks Nikki!  I believe it came from Marshall’s?  I’m down with any tank top as long is it’s long enough + fitted!  Nothing worse that a top that’s too short or goes up to your chin when you’re doing burpess + froggers.


The newest edition to the workout game……




The Fitbit Alta!!  This too was a birthday gift from some of my girlfriends.

Thank you Greta + Nicole + Melika + Alex + Sara + Robin!!

I’ve been a Fitbit’er for a couple of years now.  Up until this month, I was still rockin the original flex Fitbit.  Which I don’t even think you can purchase anymore…lol.  Nothing more motivating than seeing your personal calories burned + steps taken + distance + active minutes.  This fancy one even shows me who’s calling me.  I can even read my text messages.  CRAZY!!!

Another little fact (TMI) this one doesn’t give me a rash on my wrist.  I tried numerous different bands for my old flex and they all gave me a rash.  I followed all the cleaning instructions and nothing changed.  So gross.  Happy to report, the rash is GONE!!  Whoop Whoop!!


What’s your favorite workout gear item?  Do you have something you swear by?  Share your secrets!  I wanna know 🙂


xoxo stacyb



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