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{friday 5}

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It’s Friday!  Is it just me, or did this week just fly by?  I was productive AF!  Checked so many things off my to-do list.

House is clean √  Laundry done √  Grocery shopping √  Taxes √  Birthday gifts purchased √

I like to make sure my shit is done before a fun weekend.  Work hard, play harder!!!  Now if only I could drink margaritas tonight…that would be a perfect Friday activity.

I’ve got 5 things on my mind today…..

ONE – Omega Nu Pledge Party // Tuesday night our new pledges threw a party for all the Omega Nu sisters.  They pulled off such a great night.  The food + booze (I didn’t partake…boo), the company were all perfect.  The activity: floral arranging.  I have to admit, I seriously suck at making pretty arrangements.  For instance, I buy them at the store, cut the cellophane off and hurry up and shove them in a vase before they get messed up.  LOL.  They had step-by-step instructions that made it so easy.  Have I mentioned my love for eucalyptus?   Everyone put together beautiful arrangements.  Best part, we get some pretty cool new sisters to join the group ♥

(photo cred: Greta + Tom}

TWO –  Heritage Plaid Infinity Scarf //  I’m not much of a scarf girl, but I have been rocking the shit out of this one.  I got it as a Christmas gift and have probably wore it 6 times since.  Super warm.  Super soft.  Easy to wear.  Goes with everything.

I went to link it today and it’s currently sold out…boo.  Good news, it was sold out when I put it on my Christmas list too.  Chances are it will be restocked.

‘Heritage’ Plaid Infinity Scarf


Here are some other cute options….

Plaid Knit Infinity Scarf // Stripe Infinity Scarf // Brushed Plaid Infinity Scarf

THREE – Divorce on HBO //  Did anyone watch the first season?  If so, LUCKY bitch!!

Sarah Jessica Parker returns to HBO in the new comedy series, Divorce. Parker stars as Frances, a woman who suddenly begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought.

First off, I absolutely LOVE SJP.  Not so much her Golden Globes gown though.  I watched the first Divorce episode the other night.  HBO totally fucking tricked me.  You see, I don’t have HBO.  So when I clicked on it and the whole first episode was available to watch, I was pumped!!  SCORE!!  Want to know how they tricked my ass?  I got so hooked.  And I could ONLY watch the first episode.  Which was sooooo good.  After the episode was over, it gave me instructions on how to order HBO.  Well done HBO, Well done.  I’m actually considering adding the damn channel just for this show.  That’s how good it was.  Click on the link below and watch, then let me know if you want to order HBO too 🙂

Divorce (episode #1)


FOUR – #relationshipgoals //  Nothing more to say…LOL!!!

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FIVE – Links I ♥

According to this article, George Strait + I are sole mates 🙂

33 beauty products under $10.  Thanks for sharing Nikki!!

OBSESSED with that hunter green

I need to step up my affogato game

So many of my fave ingredients in one bowl

This instagram page…LOL!

Best cookbooks of 2016

That poncho

52 places to go.  I’m ready!!!

My next bag?

Dream kitchen

Watching this + this over the weekend

xoxo stacyb

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