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{friday 5}

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Woohooo!  Happy Friday all!  Super pumped that the weekend is FINALLY here.  I totally ditched out on Kaia this morning and slept in.  I haven’t slept in on a weekday in about 6 weeks.  My poor sore muscles probably wish I would have gone to flow, but my bed wouldn’t let me go!  Anyway…I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who shared, liked, and subscribed to the blog yesterday.  Now I want to eat pumpkin EVERYTHING!

It’s Friday so I’m sharing 5 things on my mind……

ONE – Picture Day // I have to take a minute to talk about these girls.  Man, they clean up well!  Look how grown-up and beautiful they are!!  Picture day success!!  My girl was disappointed that the school photographer said they were unable to take a full body photo.  Only the waist up.  LOL!  She loved her outfit so much that she wanted the whole thing and probably her signature side hand-on-the-hip pose.  I’m totally serious!  What kid asks for a full length photo?  Only mine.  You guys, Bailey woke up Monday morning and I swear, must have grown an inch in length and a whole shoe size in her sleep.  NOTHING, I mean nothing fit her.  So I spent a couple lunch breaks searching for shoes and jeans.  Did that happen to any other Mama’s out there?  Slow downnnn.  Stop growing!

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TWO – This weeks grocery list:


Haha – for reals.  Blue Apron emailed me a few weeks ago asking if they could send me 3 FREE meals.

Um, yessss!  I wanted to wait till after BRIK, because to my surprise…..HOLY calories. Clearly the last time I used their services, I was not watching my calorie intake.  I customized the menu to get the best options for us and ingredients Bailey will also enjoy.  Here’s what’s on next weeks menu:


Seared Salmon & Fall Vegetables with Apple-Brown Butter Vinaigrette

Spicy Chicken & Carrots with Harissa, Dates & Chickpeas

Baked Whole Wheat Rigatoni with Cone Cabbage & Sage

If anyone else is interested in a Blue Apron delivery email me at:  I have 3 promo codes for free meals I can share with friends!!



THREE – Backpacking Trip // Remember last October {weekend notes} I wrote about our amazing backpacking trip?  We still talk about what an unforgettable experience this was for us.  Well, last week I emailed these chicks about another backpacking trip that I found.  Within minutes I had replies back from everyone….”Hell Yes!!”  So fucking pumped to get out there and do this again.  This time we’ll pack more wine + ibuprofen + extra water that’s for sure 🙂  Anyway, I just had to share how excited I am to have these bad ass bitches as friends.  They are willing to endure another backpacking trip together without hesitating ♥




FOUR – I apologize in advance to all pregnant women (mainly Alex) // My fashion bloggger icon announced last night that she’s pregnant.  Lisa fucking Allen is knocked up.  The news hit me almost like when my girlfriend Alex, text me on Mother’s Day to say she was pregnant AGAIN…..I literally waited for the “just kidding” part to come…and it didn’t.  SHOCKED!  I feel like I should be happy for her.  Really, I’m completely devastated!!  We’re talking about Lisa, not Alex…just wanted to clarify.  Why didn’t she consult with me first?  LOL.  I’ve been following Lunchpails + Lipstick religiously for years.  Mainly Lisa Allen!  Her style is always, always on-point.  Her Trader Joes’s recipes are always bomb.  See for yourself here.  She wrote on her “BIG NEWS” announcement that she can’t wait to share pregnancy updates + baby gear and products + pregnancy Q&A’s.  FML!  Basically everything baby.  Noooo!  Let’s talk fashion.  Let’s talk fitness.  Let’s talk healthy recipes.  Where am I going to get all my outfit inspo from now?  End of rant.

Congratulations Lisa + Alex!!!

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FIVE – Links I ♥

I ordered my 2017 planner this week

I always need more plaid

The more you swear…the smarter you may be?  Well, I must be a fucking genius then!

This outfit is everything

October must-read list

Another great Nugget Market coupon – Premium Angus beef new york steaks $6.99/lb

J.Crew launches an activewear line with new balance

Julia Child’s actual home kitchen

This outfit is everything

We are headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend

Black on black on black envy

Holy shit #mustmakeasap

Added to my Christmas List

This top is being delivered to my house today


Have a great weekend!  And I can’t wait to announce the winner of the concrete pumpkin tomorrow morning!!


xoxo stacyb

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  1. Your hilarious!! I am just so glad I only have 7 weeks left and then I will be back to drinking wine with you!!!!

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