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Happy Friday!  I’m so frickin pumped for the weekend plans.  Girlfriends + Family time ♥   Maybe a little champagne too….let’s keep it real!!

It’s Friday and I have 5 things on my mind…..


ONE – Backpacks for Kids // remember I wrote a post about it July?  You can read it here.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that helped out this year.  Friends + family + blog readers + Yaya’s.  We did it again.  Dotty Pritchard, President + Executive Director picked up our donation of over 30 filled backpacks and extra supplies this week.  Bailey was the backpack queen.  She made me a list every night of the supplies I need to grab on my lunch break to complete backpacks.  I couldn’t have done it without her!!

It’s not too late to help out.  Click on this link here and you can make a monetary donation anytime.  This organization is so near and dear to my heart.  I can’t wait to get more involved next year.  Stay tuned friends!!


TWO – I broke down and ordered the shades of my dreams.  I’ve been talking about them for about a year now…lol.  For reals though.  Super obsessed with Valley Eyewear since Lisa at Lunchpails + Lipstick started rocking them.  Then another fav blogger, Jenna’s Kitchen/Small Fry Blog also started raving about her DB’s. Uber unique + funky.  Not my normal sunny game.  I typically stick to Ray Bans.  I ordered the DB style in gloss black.  They are even more dope than I imagined.  Check out the whole collection here.  Diggin the Spleen in baby pink and the Marmont Ltd in matte black + gold are sooo fucking rad.

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THREE – Last night we watched our very own Benny Bear + the 49er’s final flag football game of the season.  And they won!!  It was so damn cute.  He may like the bench better than the field, but with a face like that….who cares anyway 🙂  We love you to the moon Benny and we will come watch you play even if you sit on the sidelines and make us laugh the whole game!!


FOUR – Don’t mind the misspelling + penmanship….thank god school starts soon:)  Guys, I played Tooth Fairy for the very LAST time this week.  WTF?  How did this happen so soon?  Braces?  Really?  I’m not old enough to have a kid in braces.  Right?  No more hustling $2 bills at 10 pm.  No more sneaking in and stealing those little tiny teeth in the wee hours of the morning.  No more – “shit I forgot tooth fairy duty” and promising Bay that the Tooth Fairy must have forgotten, but will definitely come the next night.  No more stealing $2 bills from Bailey’s stash (haha – it only happened ones, promise).  No more adorable notes about loosing teeth and hoping to still get credit.  My Tooth Fairy hat is laid to rest and I’m officially old!

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FIVE – Links I ♥

YAYA’s August adventure will be taking place here.

The mother of grilled cheese sandwiches….holy cow.

Or if you’re watching your figure, I guess this looks ok too.

Under Armour “Rule Yourself” campaign.

This leather jacket though.

Totally would be my parents and I.  That is, if I were in the Olympics…lol.

Wonder if they really make a difference?

This is genius.

Starbucks latest menu addition…it’s about time!!!

I’m such a sucker for cute desktop wallpaper downloads.

Martha Stewart + Snoop Dogg land a TV series?

Just because it makes me laugh every damn time….


Have a rad weekend!

xoxo stacyb

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