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{friday 5}

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haha – for reals though.  Sounds like fun to me!  Can’t wait to celebrate with my #dirtyYaya530 ladies tonight!!!

5 things on my mind this Friday…….

ONE – Pokémon GO is a real thing guys.  I’ve seen it on the news.  Read about the tragedies.  Seen it in real life.  Main Street in Woodland is PokémonGo central.  I was so blown away to see all the grown ass adults just standing there, waiting for Pikachu to appear.   At least, I think that’s what they do?  Bailey + Ben were just as curious as I was so…..I downloaded the app.  Haha, I really did.  Then asked one of the Poké-dudes in Heritage Plaza to show us what to do.  I’m not 100%, but I think we got 2?  Is that even how you say it?  Anyway, I get it – it’s the new trendy game and peeps are hooked.  But, you won’t be seeing me driving off the road or running into traffic to “get” Pickachu.



TWO – I already ordered Bailey’s backpack.  Crazy, right?  Can you believe school starts in 38 days?  Bailey loves the Pottery Barn backpacks.  Or maybe it’s me?  I guess it’s all she’s ever had.  So, yes – I love pottery barn backpacks.  They hold up and wash well.  I scored this years backpack for $12.99.  Swear!  Free shipping and 20% off last week.  It sealed the deal for me.

Check out Pottery Barn Teen today.  All backpacks are reduced and for a limited time you can even get free shipping using code: SUMMER.  Get on it mama’s and score a good deal.



THREE – Teresa Giudice is back!  I’m not going to lie.  I cried!  Like crocodile tears watching the first episode of New Jersey Housewives.  I’m so happy she is reunited with her family.  I can’t imagine being away from my daughter for more than a couple of days let alone 1 frickin year.  No way.  Now that she’s back on the big screen, I can’t wait to watch all the drama unfold.  Table flipping, drink throwing, screaming cat fights.  Bitches better back up….I bet she learned some new tricks in the pen.  Check out the Access Hollywood video where she walked out on an interview here.



FOUR – Integrity // this word just sticks out to me more and more!

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