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This cracked me up.  You have a great personality…lol.  This is 100% how I feel after the Holiday weekend.  Too much everything!!  I was back to Kaia Monday morning for a kick ass workout.  Literally.  It kicked my ass.

The new CORE Challenge – Keep On Truckin’ (K.O.T. Challenge)

Chase your pace…this is only YOUR race!!

I Love the message.  No matter how fast or slow…just keep on truckin’.



K.O.T. Challenge

WARM UP – 3 minutes of agility and strength –

High Knees, Lunges, Butt Kickers, Squats + Grapevine.

AMRAP – 20 reps of each

  1. Shoulder Thruster
  2. Plank Frogger
  3. Sit Up
  4. Tricep Push Up
  5. Squat Jump
  6. Run (to stop sign + back)

We have 15 minutes to get through this series as many times as possible.


The Tricep Push Up kills me every time.  Clearly something I need to spend some time working on at home.

Below are my Week #1 + Week #2 Score Sheet results.  Week #1 I’m always a little unsure of what’s going on. Week #2 I was able to make it trough 2 more stop sign runs.  I was pumped.

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My personal goal – make it through the AMRAP 4x.  Is that possible?  We shall see.


Anyone ready Coaches Corner in the Week #2 Newsletter?

Coach Melika shared her morning Tonic Tea recipe.  I honestly have slacked on this lately.  I used to make it first thing every morning.  And will get back to it tomorrow morning.

Tonic Tea

  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1/2 squeezed lemon
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  • ginger, to your taste

Let it steep for a minute and enjoy.

It really does kick start your day.  I like to sip on this tea during my drive to Kaia in the morning.


Have you checked out all the Specialty Classes Kaia now offers?

Specialty Classes: Mix Up Your Workouts!
Kaia TRX : 6pm Tuesdays and 7pm Thursdays for 5 weeks. Starts Tuesday March 22nd. $90 for both days, $48/1 day per week, $15 drop-in. Call 662-4444 for more information and to sign up!


Mother/Daughter Kaia FIT class: Ages 9-to-17-years-old. Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the class. Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:15pm-5pm. $75/person, $140 for a pair, $50 for additional child. Call 662-4444 to sign up!
LUNCHTIME KAIA: M/W/F 12-12:45PM. Only $120 for the 5-week session!

I KAN Run: Training days are Tuesday at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 8am + at home workouts. Our next session is 3/22 – 4/23. $79 per session.

Sunrise Shred with Mallory:
Tuesdays, 5 or 6am, March 29th-April 19th, $52
Thursdays, 5 or 6am, March 31th-April 21st, $52
Drop-ins welcome, $14
This weight-training class is held at Oasis, beginners and non-members welcome!
Please sign up in advance, only 8 spots available per time slot.
See all you Kaia girls early tomorrow morning for workout #2 this week.
xoxo stacyb

5 thoughts on “{earth, wind + kaia}

  1. Way to go Stacy! I don’t love the KOT challenge but I appreciate your enthusiasm and was glad I went last night. Burned 500 calories per my polar heart rate monitor!

  2. I’m super sore from Monday. And I highly dislike tricep push ups as well, I get corrected everytime LOL

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