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{friday 5}

It’s Friiiddaaayyyy bitches!  I’m so happy to close this work week and have a little fun.  The weather man is showing a high of 74 degrees and sunshine.  Let the weekend begin.

But, first – lets chat about 5 things on my mind…..

ONE – You’ve got mail.  AOL mail that is.  Peeps are ALWAYS asking me, ” AOL is still around?”  Or “why in the hell do you STILL use AOL?”  “Bailey’s number 1 mom!”  I’ve heard it all.  So back in 2006 (on maternity leave) I set up a personal email address.  AOL was what I randomly picked for some reason.  As I typed Bailey (my unborn child’s name) as a possible address…the 1st option popped up, Bailey1mom.  I snagged it and that’s how it all happened.  Since that date, I have paid $11.99/ month.  That’s roughly $1,438.80 to use AOL.  Crazy, right?  Like I’ve said before, I’m a creature of habit.  I like to keep everyday shit simple.  Then I purchased a iPhone 6.  Things went a little downhill from there. I can no longer open jpg attachments sent from my iPhone.  I really dont use a camera much, so all my blog photos ALL come from my phone.  This created a huge issue.  Obvi, I sent them to my Mom and she would re-send them to my email address so I could open them.  Best part, she never complained once.  I bitched non-stop.  Finally I chatted with AOL and I now have to log into the beta version to access photos.  I guess it works, but come on AOL – it’s 2016, get yo shit together.

Today, I plan to open a gmail account.


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TWO – Bailey convinced me that we had to have Taco Bell for dinner the other night.

It’s very rare that we go out to dinner during the week, especially fast food.  But, mom….pllleaaasseeee.  All she wanted was 2 soft tacos too.  I asked the drive-thru guy on the speaker, what the healthiest item on their menu was.  Without hesitating, he said “water, ma’am”.  LOL, really?  We laughed, then he suggested a cantina bowl.  Never heard of it.  He said without rice and you’re good.  To my surprise he also added – it’s gluten free.  So, I gave it a shot.  Holy shit.  It was bomb.  Like, I kinda wanted to go back the next day and get it again. 320 calories of taco bell heaven.  Oh yeah, I love taco bell 🙂


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THREE – Pinch Protection Necklaces // Fun little idea that is super inexpensive and simple to put together.  Perfect for my carpool girls 🙂  I know it’s technically 20 days away, but when you see cute shit in the Target $1 bins, you gotta scoop it up asap.  Or you will be driving to every Target in your area searching high and low for that dollar item you didn’t buy.  Can you tell that I’ve been there, done that?    Just buy the dollar shit, trust me!!

Thank you Eighteen 25 for the cute free Pinch Protection printable that was exactly what I had envisioned.  Just download (here) + print + cut.  Staple to hold necklace in place and you’re done!!



FOUR – When Cory’s away we play.  We had the ultimate girls night Wednesday night.  Our traditional Monday Mother Daughter date was postponed, so Bailey picked and I like her style.  Dinner date + Manicures + Taylor Swift dance party + Jem and the Holograms movie (which is absolutely adorable, by the way) + sleepover in my bed.


FIVE – We did something bad last night.  Super bad.  We went out in search of the “Secret Bakery”  annnnddddd, we found it.  I guess it should be called the “Not So Secret Bakery.”  Since posting on Good Neighbors of Woodland, this place is ever so popular.  Peeps are flooding in there in the wee hours of the night/morning for their unbelievably amazing hot fresh donuts.  I’m not much of a donut person, but there is no way you can go in there and not want a bite….or 10.  Sina Bakery is located at 1250 Harter Way unit C.  The rollup door is open and you’ll be able to sniff your way…lol.  Their super random hours, 8pm – 2am.  I bet they attract an interesting early morning crowd.


She’s basically in sugar heaven:)

You grab a tray and they point out the racks on rack that you can choose from.  Some are dripping glaze they are so hot.  Mind blowing.  Oh yeah, this cost $3.

The music is bumpin and they employees are so friendly.  Go get your donut on this weekend, you’ll be happy you did.  PROMISE!!


TGIF!  Have a great weekend.


xoxo stacyb


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  1. I still have my hotmail account!!!! I just don’t want to have to move all my saved emails over…such a hassle.

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