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Pretty sure that 90% of the United States is wearing a Fitbit at this given moment.  OK, maybe not 90%, but I bet I’m close.  In May of 2013 the Fitbit Flex was released.  People went ape-shit over these little activity trackers.  All my friends were rockin them, talking about them and obsessed with them.  I was not.  Thought it was lame.  Then Christmas 2014 guess what I found in my stocking?  A Fitbit Flex.  I strapped that thing on as soon as I busted it out of the package.  Honestly, I haven’t really taken it off since.  I am a Fitbit rockin + talkin + obsessed freak now.  If you’re not on the Fitbit bandwagon yet, let me break it down for you.

Fitbit Flex, which is a device that one wears on the wrist. It tracks movement 24 hours a day, including sleep patterns. It has a simple display of 5 LED lights which indicate the number of steps taken in a day, and it vibrates to indicate that your goal has been reached. The lights also indicate battery level. The Fitbit Flex has almost all the same sync functions as the Fitbit One and Zip. The Flex is also the most water-resistant tracker; it can be worn while showering, but not while swimming. The Fitbit Flex includes a specialized USB charger; the battery lasts 5–7 days, and it takes 1–2 hours to charge.

I bet you want one now, huh?




This bad ass activity tracker now comes in 7 styles.  I guess you could call it varieties, but styles sounds cuter.  Here’s what you need to know.

Everyday Activity:

Zip – This is a clip-on activity tracker.  It’s just that, basic. $59.95

One – Another clip on, but also tracks your sleep.  $99.95

Flex – All the same bells and whistles, but in a handy bracelet style.  $99.95

Charge – A larger style bracelet.  The Charge displays your daily stats and time of day.  This one also has a call/text display from your mobile device.  That’s cool. $129.95




Charge HR – this model is trick.  All the other features the others have plus: heat rate monitor, caller ID and workout summaries. $149.95

Blaze – heart rate, on screen workouts, GPS, touchscreen, music, call, text & calendar.  I mean, what else can this thing possibly do for you?  $199.95



simple.b-cssdisabled-png.hfa62fb6c8f556e1c8c3c7d1abbe69b4e (2).jpg

Surge – ALL of the above plus – GPS, heart rate, multi sport smart-track, ALL notifications & music.  $249.95


I hope this break down helps all of you Fitbit virgins or shoppers.

The question I ALWAYS get is-

Why haven’t I upgraded to a newer model?

  1. Like I said, I NEVER take it off.  Other than to charge the battery.  Meaning, I shower with this thing on.  We are going to become one….this fitbit flex and I.  Hmmm, I should probably name it?
  2. It’s skinny and small.  I can easily tuck it in my shirt cuff.  Or it just kicks it with my jewelry stack for the day.
  3. I only have to part with it for a few hours once a week, while it charges.  The battery will last about 5-7 days.  That’s amazing, considering all the shit it’s recording daily.
  4. I’m a creature of habit.  I don’t always love change.


This is the display I view from my iPhone.  Steps + miles + calorie burned.

Some days are much better than others.  My goal is to reach 15,000 steps per day.  I do have to work for this goal each day – it’s not easy.

IMG_3302 (2).jpg


There are some fun extras too!!

Fitbit will email you every time you have earned a new “badge.”  This is my newest.  2,500 miles I’ve tracked with my Fitbit.  The same amount of miles a Monarch butterfly travels.  There is always a fun comparison to the badge you’ve earned.

IMG_3305 (2)

Challenges help you stay motivated and have fun by competing with friends.  There are four challenges to choose from:

  • Daily Showdown—Who can get the most steps today?
  • Weekend Warrior—Who can get the most steps over the weekend?
  • Workweek Hustle—Who can get the most steps Monday through Friday?
  • Goal Day—How many participants can reach their daily step goal?

This is my latest Workweek Hustle Trophy.  Last week I came in first on one of my challenges with 89,366 steps in a week.  Whoop Whoop!

IMG_3304 (2)



I’m sure you’ve heard me ramble on about the kid friendly activity tracker my parents bought Bailey for Christmas?

UNICEF Kid Power Band Image 3.jpgUNICEF Kid Power Band

For each UNICEF Kid Power Band purchased in US Target stores and between 10.13.2015 and 12.31.2016, Target will donate $10 to United States Fund for UNICEF. The more kids move, the more Kid Power Points they earn. Kid Power Points are converted to funding by partners, parents and fans. UNICEF uses funding to deliver lifesaving packets of therapeutic food to severely malnourished children.

For more information on the UNICEF Kid Power program, visit

This thing gets kids moving + helps kids around the world all at the same time.  Amazing combo!!

Pretty cool, right?

Bailey is obsessed.  Not sure where she gets that from???  She only takes off her power band to shower.  Bailey has kicked my ass in steps a couple times too.  Thank god for indoor rainy day recess at Plainfield today, because I’ve been slacking.

Just read the review for yourself here.

The power band comes in 4 boyish colors, but my girly-girl doesnt seem to mind.  The black + the white bands are limited edition star wars bands.

Kids UNICEF Power Bands

Get yo Fitbit on!  Let’s start a work-week hustle or challenge.  Find me, add me.  I love a little friendly competition.

Kaia girls – do you Fitbit?  I’ve seen lots of girls wearing different activity trackers.  Let’s take a poll…comment below.  I’d love to hear!!

ps…I’m still smiling in the middle of hell week.  I’m super looking forward to flow tomorrow to stretch my poor sore muscles.  Last weeks flow was perfection!!


xoxo stacyb


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