{kids stocking stuffers}

{kids stocking stuffers}


*Snickers Yard Length Candy Bars – 3 feet of snickers – shoot, I hope Santa leaves one of these in my stocking too.
*eos – everyone loves an eos.  I buy these for gifts year round.  Target carries them in every flavor + color you can imagine.
*J.Crew Kids Shearling Moccasins  – they are just as nice as the adult slippers, which I currently live in on the weekends. Get 30% off.
Use promo code: SHOPNOW
(5-days left to guarantee holiday delivery)
*Gap Pom-Pom Beanies – burrrr, it’s been so damn cold in California the last couple of days.  Gotta keep the kiddos brains warm 🙂
Card members get 50% off. Use promo code: DEC50
*Girls + Boys Coloring Books – anyone else traveling over the Holidays?  These are car riding life savers, right?  (and earplugs)
*Bath & Body Sanitizer Holders – Your kiddos will love these cute Holiday designs and kill some flu season school germs too.
*Girls Fingernail Art + Boy’s Mustaches – FUN!  Girl’s stick-on instant fingernail fashion.  Boy’s classic edition stick-on mustaches.  Good clean (removable) fun.
Crayola My Color Is Drawing Tool Set – Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers all in your favorite color…this is genius.  At $3.99, you cant go wrong.  Props to Crayola!!!
Stocking are always the LAST thing I think of during the Holidays…so, they end up being super last minute and kind of lame.  My Mom makes a helluva stocking!!  I too am stepping up my stocking stuffing game this year.  Hooking up the kids and giving Santa Claus all the credit….it’s what it’s all about!!
I hope this gives you a couple last minute ideas to fancy up your stockings.
xoxo stacyb

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