{what we wore}

Mother + Daughter look.  Did you happen to catch on that we like to match?!?! 🙂  One day she won’t be caught dead in a matching/coordinating outfit with me, so until then, we shall match!!

Gingham + Denim + Vest + Hunter Boots.  One of my favorite winter looks that’s in our regular rotation.

Bailey’s look // My biggest fan.  The girl who tells everyone “My mom blogs, http://www.xoxostacyb.com” “She’s a Mom with a Blog”…lol.


(pictured with Link, her pet rabbit)

I’m obsessed with the fact that she STILL let’s me pick out her clothes, about 90% of the time.

Jeans: Hudson Collin Flap Pocket Skinny Jeans

Boots: Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boot

Vest: Target Military Vest

Top: Target Girls Gingham

Scarf: Sweet Potato Pie





Jeans: Madewell high riser skinny skinny jeans

Boots: Hunter Original Short Gloss Rain Boot

Top: J.Crew Buffalo Check Shirt

Scarf: Target Infinity Scarf

Vest: JCPenney Decree Embellished Military Vest (sold out)


Other vest options:

Nordstrom Military Vest // Forever 21 Contemporary Zip-Front Utility Vest



J.Crew Factory switched up their Herringbone Puffer Vests this year.  Still cute, just a tad bit different.

J.Crew Factory Women’s Puffer Vest  // J.Crew Factory Girls Puffer Vest

Brickyard Buffalo currently has a Mom + Daughter Herringbone puffer vest too.  You can save some $$ on this almost identical version.  That is, if you’re a freak and LOVE to match your mini like I do 🙂  Check it out here.




It’s Day #4, so the weekend is near!  See you mañana for {friday 5}

ps…if you hold ALT while typing 0241 you get ñ.  I learn something new everyday.  Or should I say I google something new everyday?

xoxo stacyb


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