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{wednesday wish list}

I am definitely not a quitter.
Gold Everything Edition //  I love gold.  Golden.  Metallic gold.  Every single shade of gold.  Gold anything.  Gold Everything.  If it comes in gold, this B is buying it.  It’s classic.  Timeless.  Adds the perfect finishing touch to an outfit + display + table.  I remember when I associated gold with old.    I remember when gold was so uncool.  WTF was I thinking?
Gold Everything

J Crew d orsay flat
$160 –
Fabulous.  Pointy toe, open cutouts, with a touch of fringe and a tassel.  It doesn’t get any better.  The d’orsay flat is where it’s at this fall.  With jeans or dresses these loafers bring it. (marked down to $83.99 today with promo code SHOPNOW)

Tory burch jewelry
The Tory Burch logo wrap.  Unfortunately it NEVER goes on sale, that’s why it remains on my wish list.  It would make a great addition to any ladies stack.

Kate Spade iPhone case – I die.  It’s perfection.  Gold mirrored with a delicate Hello Sunshine imprinted.  Yes please.

Jo Malone fragrance
Just trust me on this one.  “A youthful and fruity fragrance, Nectarine Blossom & Honey is inspired by the delicious scent of just-ripening nectarines and a taste of refreshing peach sorbet. Mouthwatering nectarine and peach with hints of plum, blackcurrant and vetiver are combined with the sweet warmth of acacia honey in this truly seductive combination.”  Jo Malone fragrances are all amazing, but the Nectarine Blossom + Honey is my #1.  I get a lot of compliments every time I wear this scent.  It’s subtly perfect.  I’m currently out of it, and realizing my old scent makes me smell like a French whore.

FINALLY gold flatware that won’t cost me a car payment.  #targetdoesitagain

Voluspa candle
Have you ever burned a Voluspa candle?  50 + hours of burn time for $16.  You can’t get a bath a body candle for that price.  Not only is the decrative tin beautiful, but the luxurious coconut wax is pretty amazing too.  Try it!!

Bailey has this adorable sweatshirt on her Christmas list.  I think my love for anything gold may be rubbing off a little.  With that giant metallic heart, what’s not to love? (marked down to $27.99 today with promo code SHOPNOW)

J.crew’s glitter cat ears for the perfect accessory for any little diva.
Gold + Glitter = love.

Girls gold bobby pins adorned with the sweetest touches of ladybugs, butterflies and elephants.  Too cute.  Perfect stocking stuffer. (marked down to $15.75 today with promo code SHOPNOW)
 Please tell me you’re all about the gold too?
Everyone that has joined the 3 week challenge:  How’s it going?  Arms and abs are sore, huh?  Mine sure are.  Gotta admit, I completely forgot about the challenge on Sunday.  I mean, it never even crossed my mind.  It would have required me to set my wine glass down too.  With that said, I made up for my skip day Monday.  That meant 50 push-ups + 100 squats + 200 sit-ups.  Holy shit – it sucked.  I vow to NEVA EVA skip another day in this 3 week challenge again.
Week one is done.  Two more to go.  If your a new follower and want to hop on  – please do.  You can read more about the two part challenge here.  It’s never too late to join in on the fun 🙂
peace out!
xoxo stacyb

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