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{friday 5}



Longest week evvveerrrr, right?  I do it to myself, but we were on the GO.  To top it off – I didn’t sleep well at night (this is really unusual for me).  Just the word “Friday” makes me smile today. And I’m looking forward to enjoying a relaxing night at home with wine, I mean, my family 🙂  Cheers to you and a beautiful weekend!!

Here’s 5 things on my mind today:

ONE –  Back in June, a group of my girlfriends and I booked a guided overnight backpacking trip.  It’s FINALLY here.  We leave town early Saturday morning to meet our guides and the 40 lb backpacks we will be lugging around for the weekend.  Our adventure will take us all over the Pt. Reyes headlands and guide us through varying terrain along the coastal bluffs, mountains, lakes and ending at a stunning beach with a waterfall plummeting 40ft into the ocean.  The photos I’ve seen are incredible.  Experiencing the great outdoors with some of my favorite girlfriends will be such a treat.

I have followed A House In the Hills blog for sometime, so when she posted her Alamere Falls hike – I died when I found out that is the same hike we would be doing.  Check out her post here and the gorgeous photos she took.

Our guide sent us a gear list and it specifically noted “beverages of choice” thank god!  My girlfriends and I have been passing messages all week of the booze and snacks we plan to pack:)  I’m pumped, guys!!  In typical Stacy fashion, I threw together goody bags for each of the girls.  Everything I would think to be necessities for the occasion.  Including a secret item that should keep us all safe.  Since I convinced them all to do this with me, I need to deliver them all home safe.  I cant wait to share more Monday morning in {weekend notes}

alamare falls


TWO – Does Brooks have cancer?  Is Vicki lying?  Why am I so interested in the truth? As a loyal OC Housewives viewer for the past 10 years – I almost gave up on these battling blonde beauties this season.  Watching Meghan, Shannon, Tamra and Heather severely questioning Brooks health all season has been a complete downer.  With all the reasonable suspension and red flags, I really hope one wouldn’t stoop to this for attention.  Looks like Monday nights part 2 of 3 reunion will possibly clear things up?  We shall see.  Part 1 had me in tears for Tamara and her heartbreaking family drama. Between Jesus Jugs letter and Vicki’s hilarious memory of her late mother – it kept me hooked.  Guess I’m just a sucker for these champs drinking drama queens.

RHOC Season10


THREE – I hosted our monthly Hand + Foot card game this week.  A group of us girls get together and drink wine over a card game.  The actual game, Hand + Foot is entirely too complicated to explain.  We have a couple pros in our group that keep us inline.  I always thought it was an old lady game…lol.  I was wrong or maybe I am an old lady?!?!  Either way I enjoy our monthly nights together.  I served up Sara’s famous lasagna + greek salad + roasted asparagus.  I even made homemade croutons – to die for (recipe will be up sometime next week).  For dessert, we enjoyed mini pumpkin pies🙂


If you read last weeks {friday 5}, then you know all about my attempt to recreate the Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece.  Hosting card night game me the perfect reason to get to work.  It was easy – I’m not even joking.  Took me all of about 15 minutes to complete.  I will show you more next week.  And I love a good excuse to set a pretty table.

table setting

FOUR – New Emoji!!!  Apple released iOS 9.1 to the public today.  Go to your settings and get your update NOW!!  It’s a good one, friends.  A range of new emoji like taco, burrito, cheese wedge, middle finger, champagne bottle, unicorn head, just to name a few.  The Middle Finger – the emoji gods read my mind.  I already have the champs, taco and finger in my frequently used section.  You’re welcome!

ios9 new emoji

FIVE – Readers sending me pictures.  This makes my day, BIG time.  I love seeing that people are actually reading this blog and going home to recreate things I’ve posted.  Please, Please, Please – keep the pics coming.  Proof that I’m doing absolutely what I should be doing right now.  To think I can inspire someone,  now that is good shit!!


Cheers To The Freakin’ Weekend!!

xoxo stacyb

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  1. You guys are going to LOVE that hike!! I did it back in Jr. High with the Wilderness Club and I will never forget it. I always said I wanted to do it again as an adult. It’s so pretty!!

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