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{12 • 3 • 30 challenge}

Happy HUMP Day!

Monday morning I shared on Instagram stories that I started a new challenge. I LOVE a good challenge. And it sparked an interest. Which I also LOVE. For anyone who wants a virtual accountability partner, I’m your girl.

THE CHALLENGE | 30-days of 12 • 3 • 30

WHAT IS 12 • 3 • 30 | All you need is a treadmill. 12 incline. 3 speed. 30 minutes.

HOW TO JOIN | Just start whenever. Be consistent for 30-days.

WANT TO HEAR MORE | What to know about the TikTok-famous ’12-3-30′ treadmill workout created by Social media influencer Lauren Giraldo  There is even an Instagram account dedicated to the popular low-impact cardo workout: twelvethreethirty

GIVEAWAY | No idea what the giveaway item will be, but I’m going to give one of you that completes the challenge with me something cool as shit. Something I love and think you’d love too!!

Screen shot the tracker below and check off the days as you go.

I will be sharing my challenge tracker on Instagram stories each day as I complete my daily challenge. You totally can too. Tag me or DM me. Let’s hold each other accountable.

Let’s do this!!!

xoxo stacyb

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