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{gift guide | dog edition}

We gonna party like it’s your birthday 🥳🎈🐶 Happy 2nd Birthday @charliegolden.doodle

Never thought I’d be one of these people, but here I am buying a number 2 balloon and making puppuccinos at 7am.

Kicking off the day with my first Gift Guide, for you guesses it – our furry friends 🐶😆

Do you buy your dogs Christmas gifts? We 100% do. I actually bought both of our dogs new beds, which they desperately need. And I put them away for Christmas. HAHA! Swear! Cory thinks I’ve lost my damn mind. But I got big giant red bows and I’m going to set them under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Can’t you picture it now? Callie and Charlie running out to the living room, all pumped up. Probably eat the big giant red bows. Make a big ass mess.

Oh well, it’s happening!!! I also got each of them new Wild One collars. They are easy to use. Simple to clean. Made with a super strong flex-poly strap, the all-weather Collar is comfortable and functional. It’s also dirt and odor resistant. LOVE this brand. They both wear them now. I sized up and got them larger collars in the cutest new colors. Oh and they have matching Leashes too!! I might put them in their stockings…ha! Speaking of stockings, have you seen these Sherpa Dog Bone Christmas Stockings?

Anyway, if you’re batshit crazy, like myself, and you too want to spoil your best friend. Here are some of our favorite dog items. Most of them we have. Remember we got them the Puffer Vests last year for the snow? They totally rocked them. Contemplating in the Barefoot Dreams for this year!!!

Happy Hump Day, friends! Spoil your furry friends this Christmas. They deserve it!

xoxo stacyb

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