{18 fun things to try}

SHOP: Eyelet Dress ($27) | Heels | Big Love Sunglasses | Sunglass – Dupe ($17)| Paperclip Chain Necklace | Paperclip Bracelet ($9)

If I say ” I’m running errands” it means I’m doing like one important thing. Then….going to Target. It’s always a good day when Target is involved, am I right ladies?

Today I’m sharing 18 fun things to try this summer ☀️ and number 1:
Get yourself a cute dress, even if you have no place to wear it.

So I rounded up a bunch of good ones at Target, or course.

Sharing 18 freewheeling ways you can embrace this summer right in your own backyard…..

Get Yourself A New Dress |

I know we technically don’t have anyplace to go, but I’m gonna tell ya – get a cute dress. Wear it. I can’t tell you how good it felt to slip on this little Eyelet Dress. Made me feel like the good ol days. The only thing missing is a big ass glass of chardonnay in my hand. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this post, I linked up a bunch of super cute dresses for under $30!

Try A New Hiking Trail |

I have yet to try the Lake Clementine trail. It’s on my list. Along with a couple others in Tahoe. Hoping to cross one off the weekend after next.

Give Grilling A Try |

Cory has a Treager Grill and last weekend I gave it a go. My chicken + sausage turned out so damn good. And there is something about a gal that can grill. Google that shit. Get a meat thermometer. You got this!

Take Up Paddle Boarding |

Anyone else have terrible balance? Bay + I are going to paddle board at the water park in town. If you want a good laugh, come and watch 🙂

Sign Up For An Art Class |

Even if it’s virtual? I really want to learn to sew. Not like a whole blanket or anything crazy, but maybe something really small. ha!

Grow Your Own Herbs Or Veggies |

We discovered an herb garden + tomato plant in our raised beds at the new house. I am bound and determined to not only keep them alive, but to add all the veggies I can to the beds. What’s easy to grow? Asking for a friend.

Start A Wine Tasting Group |

Anyone want to join? Monthly. Taking turns hosting. Drinking a glass or wine (or 15) paired with some kind of snack. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Try A New Hair Style |

Bound + determined to master the Three Barrel Waver. Or a cute side braid.

Become A Pro Cocktail Maker |

Going to challenge myself to come up with a cocktail of the month. Thinking of trying some kind of spiked iced tea? Martini Mama Liz is goals!

Get Into Tie Dying |

The trend has gone viral. It’s the covid thing to do. Have you seen my post on {bleach tie dye diy}? It’s quickly becoming one of my most viewed blog posts to date.

DIY Candles |

Wouldn’t it be fun to make a batch and gift them to all your homies? I’m obsessed with masculine scents at the moment. You can order everything on amazon too!

Take A Country Road. Roll The Windows Down. Blast Your Favorite Songs |

Top down screaming out money aint a thing. My fave jam to blast….Juicy. What’s yours?

Create The Ultimate Hot Dog Bar |

Picture a plethora of condiments + toppings. Wouldn’t this be fun? Let’s get out grilling practice in and make it happen.

Snow Cone Happy Hour |

Take the kiddos for a snow cone happy hour. Then rush home and spike yours. Ha!

Host A Backyard Movie Night |

We really wanted to pull off a backyard movie night for Bay’s 14th birthday, but #coronavirus. Once it’s safe, I cannot wait to do it. Or maybe we’ll do a little fam-bam movie night.

Treat Yourself To An Armful Of Magazines |

Remember when gossip + home decor mags were where we got all the good scoops + inspo? I want to ditch my phone and lay out with a pile of magazines. For old time sake.

Get A Facial |

I got my very first facial this week. AND definitely not my last. Ah-mazing. I vow to take better care of my face from this point on. Check out Esthetics By Mel and books yours!

Bake Something Fun |

Just ordered this Wilton Countless Celebrations baking pans for Bay + I. I cannot wait to make some fancy cakes.

SHOP: Eyelet Dress ($27) | Heels | Big Love Sunglasses | Sunglass – Dupe($17)| Paperclip Chain Necklace | Paperclip Bracelet ($9)

You can find each item from this post by clicking on the images below……

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Hope this gives you some fun ideas to try out this summer!

xoxo stacyb

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