{5 things about me}

Tee: American Eagle | Denim: Madewell/Nordstrom | Flats: Free People

It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. So let’s have a little fun.

5 things about me….

Some of you may already know all these things. And some of you are shaking your head, thinking – really? You had to go there? Ha. Yes, yes I did! Correction – I had to delete and re-write #5 twice. My Mom said I went to far. Thanks for lookin out Mom!


My love for pizza is real. I’m a pepperoni + black olive kind of gal. Sometimes I get real wild and add jalapenos. And ranch, always ranch. EXTRA ranch, to be exact!!


I can fall asleep absolutely anywhere. A concert. Mid conversation. You name it. I actually fell asleep last weekend. Sitting up. In a bar stool. At a restaurant.


I have a HUGE crush on George Strait. I can’t think of one song he sings that I don’t LOVE. And every time a song comes on the radio I can’t wipe the smile off my face. If I could pick one famous person to have lunch with…it would, hands down, be the King of Country.


I have recurring dreams of snakes. In my bed. Like, I have to check the foot of my bed before I get in every.single.night. Even at hotels. According to google, it means a fear or unresolved issue? And I cannot pin point which fear or unresolved issue I should blame it on.


I’ve been know to buy a bum a beer. A tall can. On a Friday. It used to be the same bum in the Walmart parking lot. You should’ve seen his face light up when he saw me pull up to his spot. He knew! He knew it was about to be a real good day. He called me darlin. And it kinda made my day too!

Tell me something about you? Something random. Something I would never know.

xoxo stacyb

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