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Tank (clearance) // cardigan // coffee mug

Monday got my ass. Typically I kick Mondays ass, but that was not the case today. Dropped Bay off at school in my robe. Got to work and I was swamped beyond belief. Then my site was down for a portion of the day. Half of my already typed post was GONE! So I grabbed a bottle of Bogle chard + the most gorgeous dahlias I’ve ever laid eyes on. Thanks TJ’s. And declared it to be “National Treat Your Damn Self Day!” Which I think I’m going to start celebrating every Monday. Because, why the hell not?


Intentions for the Week:

  • buy myself some pretty flowers
  • give cucumber roll-ups a shot
  • Lee VS Douglass volleyball game
  • target try-on…I found some cute shit
  • style a pretty coffee table
  • hand and foot card night. Wayyy overdue
  • make spooky tacos. ‘Tis the season
  • participate in plastic-free produce for International Day Of Doing
  • MOD pizza fundraiser for Lee Leadership Wednesday, October 17th
  • don’t give up on my 45 minutes a day even on the hardest days


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……



Friday night dinner + drinks //

To celebrate Sarah P’s Birthday. We’re a little early, but you gotta fit it in when you can. And I should probably stop calling Sarah, Sarah P. Since she is technically Sarah T.


Happy Birthday to you.


Pena Adobe //

Morning stroll with a view. Nikki quoted it, we swapped our wine glasses for water bottles lol. Such a perfect day to hike Pena Adobe.


That view though. If you’ve never tried this hike, I highly recommend it. Takes about an hour from start to finish. And you’ll feel it. Now if only one day I can find the damn tree swing. Lol.


Stallion Station //

Meanwhile, Bay volunteered at the horse show. I went to pick her up a little early and was happy to see they really put her to work.


Patio work //

Can’t really call it a yard, since it’s a concrete patio. But damn it looks so good when I take the time to clean it all up, hose it off and dig around the flower beds.


Question //

What should I do with these box springs? I’m thinking hanging them someplace outside. But then what to put on them? And I want to spruce up my garden bench too. Hmmm.


Saturday Mass //

Bilingual mass is not my jam. And I missed sitting in our beautiful church.


Eighth Grade // 

Have you seen this movie? I read so many great reviews. And I kinda want me 2 1/2 hours and $1.99 Redbox fee back. Not a fan. I kept waiting for the “good part” and then it was over.


They’re Home //

Happy they’re home is an understatement. We picked them up Saturday evening from the airport. As soon as Bay spotted them coming down the escalator, she bolted from the car ❤️

Date Night //

Just me and Bay. She pickled Steve’s and you’ll never believe it….we didn’t get pizza. But we did order breadsticks and that’s kinda the same thing.


Sunday //



Abercrombie sale //

All my top Abercrombie picks prices keep getting reduced more and more. I shared these items on Instagram stories this morning too…

Embroidered Peasant Top $20


Perfect Puffer coat ONLY $30


Ribbed Henley Shirt $9 🙌🏻


Ruffled V-Neck Tank $16


Button Front Sweater $16


Road Trip //

Family breakfast 🍳


Is it bad I drank mine? Breakfast of champions 🍹


45 minutes //

It’s been nearly 2 weeks and I’ve successfully gotten in my 45 minutes per day everyday. Even on the weekends. Which is unheard of, for me.


Pumpkin Donut Holes //

While hiking with Nikki the morning before, I made a statement: I only do glazed donut holes. That’s it!

Which I had to retract the very next day. I got a wild hair and made bakes pumpkin donut holes. And you guys, they were fucking dangerously good. Recipe coming soon!!


Sunday Meal Prep //

Made this orzo salad with ingredients I had on hand on a whim. And it turned out really good.

1 cup orzo pasta, cooked according to package

Sundried tomatoes


Green onions

Toasted slivered almonds

Olive oil

Salt + pepper

That’s it.


Ham & Cheese Croissants //

Bay loves these in her lunchbox. It’s just a package of refrigerated croissants. Sliced ham. Shredded cheese. Bake for 15 minutes. I stick 2 in her lunchbox each day.


Watering Day //

I love sticking all my houseplants on the patio for a good deep watering. I wipe down their leaves too. I read to use coconut oil.


GTL //

Like Snookie lol.


Sunday Night Dinner //

Sunday dinners have become Cory’s thing. And you won’t hear me complain. He does the cooking. I do the dishes. Fair AF!! He did a surf and turf last night.


Shout Out //

Have to give Giselle a shout out for try my DIY Succulent Pumpkin tutorial. Didn’t it turn out beautiful?


Monday //

Then Monday happened. Just keepin it real. I dropped Bay off like this. Haha. I promised she wouldn’t get a tardy.


Werk Werk Werk //

Walked into this shit show at work. And straight up handled it.


Treat Your Damn Self //

So I treated myself to a day well done. Fresh flowers + a bottle of chard. What would your treat to yourself be?

Hope your Monday was a good one. Hoping to get Tuesday’s post out in a more timely matter. See you tomorrow!!

xoxo stacyb

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