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{weekend notes}


I’ve got a case of the MONDAY’S!  Big time.  Just not feelin it today.  Tomorrow is a new day!  And it will be a better day.  Maybe a little sunshine, Mother Nature?  Please!

What’s your Kardashian name?

Mine: LA North.

I feel like I could totally fit in with a name like that.


Intentions for the week:

  • Go to the Container Store
  • Declutter one room each day
  • Decorate a cauliflower crust pizza – (on this weeks to-do’s I’m thinking brussels sprouts + balsamic reduction)
  • Spoil Benny on his birthday
  • Meditate every morning for 10 minutes.  So not me, but I think I want to try. – (Who’s got time for that?)
  • Watch all the movies at the theater I’ve been wanting to see
  • Spruce up the front patio – It turned out so good ♥  Thanks to my Mom’s help!
  • Make a $12 grocery store flower arrangement for the blog
  • Lunch date with my Mom + Sis
  • Rice all the cauliflower in the fridge + freeze for meal prep – I’ve got cauli-rice for dayyysss


Last week’s intentions: {weekend notes} 


Here’s some highlights from the weekend……


Friday //

Nails + Vince’s with my girl.  She needed to get her Hawaii nails.  She picked white fingers + pink toes.  So cute ♥


It was one of those days that called for a Vince’s margarita.  We actually had two…but who’s counting?

Have you ever had their pork burrito?  It’s the ONLY thing I order anymore.  The best!  Ala cart, since I kill about two baskets of chips + salsa before 🙂



And she’s off //

I dropped my girl off first thing Saturday morning.  She’s spending the week in Hawaii with her Dad’s side of the family.


Pom Pom Luggage Tag

I found the adorable luggage tag at Walmart last week.  For $3.  I seriously looked everywhere for about 2 weeks then stumbled on this one and it matches her new luggage perfectly.


I snuck a little surprise care package in Bay’s carry-on for the long flight.  Her fave snacks + some cute games to keep her busy.



I, Tonya //

Don’t waste your time or money.  Other than the fact the acting was great, the movie was terrible.  I felt like I had 2 hours stolen from me when it was over.  Not a fan!!



Retail therapy //

A Nordstrom trip always solves the problem.  And their order pick-up is the best thing since sliced bread.  When you know what you want, but don’t feel like tracking it down or trying shit on.  Order online, wait about 30 minutes.  You’ll get a text when your order is ready.  Swing by the shoe department.  Show the cashier your ID, done!


Picked up a little something for my newest nephew.  Wayyy too cute to pass up.


Lunch + wine at the cafe.  Sugar cleanse is back in full swing today.  Sometimes you just have to say screw it and have a glass of chard.  The heart wants what it wants.



Willow Oak Crab Feed //

Always a fun time.  Always.  And the best part….I frickin won a prize.

I’m probably the most un-lucky person you’ll ever meet.  I never win anything.  Except the one time I won a BBQ at the Young Farmers & Ranchers dinner.  That was probably the only other time.  I won a big ass tool set.  Olive oil.  And a YETI rambler colster…..It’s one that hold a beer can.  Pretty pumped about the tools.  Until Santa brought me a screw driver in my stocking, I legit had NO tools whatsoever.  And I like to whip our a project every now and again.



Sunday //

Accurate!  Sometimes you just need a day.


Say good morning to Rodeo.  I’m officially on pig duty till Bay gets home ♥



Hope you had a good one!

xoxo stacyb

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