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Change of plans.  My regular scheduled post was about 2018 intentions.  Decided to scratch that.  At least for today.  I just wasn’t feelin it.

So, I’ll just dump a little this + a little of that on you today…..


The photo above is old.  But, I like it.  Can’t remember what happened, I just remember laughing for a long time.  And laughing is my favorite.  And she’s my favorite.  And that’s why I love this picture ♥

Bay is leaving me for a whole week.  Longest we’ve ever been apart.  It hit me HARD today as I was buying her summer clothes for her Hawaii trip.  WTF will I do for 1 whole week?  Call me, K??

I gathered a bunch of little treats + surprises that I’m going to stash in Bay’s carry-on for the flight.  Such a cute idea I stole from Salty Lashes 🙂

Pretty sure I better get addicted to a new Nexflix show during that week to pass the time.  Anyone have suggestions?  I keep hearing Peaky Blinders is so good.

Why did I give up wine for the month of January again?

20 days to go.  Not that I’m keeping track of anything.

My homegirl #chardsohard partner in crime started a blog this week.  Check it out….Nikki.JustNikki

I almost made it through week #2 of my sugar cleanse without a major slip-up.  Then today, while grocery shopping, I saw a big ass display of the single Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg.  Hands down the BEST Reese’s peanut butter cups on earth!  #endofstory

Bay is making Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars tonight.  FML!

Ordered this suit today.  So.Over.Winter.  And my UPS guy is going to hate me next week.

This is my 552 blog post.  Crazy, right?

Currently obsessed with beauty products.  EVERYONE swears this shit works.  Stay tuned!

Who’s been to Punch Bowl Social in Sac?  Tell me how it works?  We have ressies this weekend.

I got out of jury duty + had my taxed done this week.  Just over here making shit happen!

Last but certainly not least….My sister sent me this picture of my nephew this morning.  I’ve legit looked at it 10 times today.  #mynephewiscuterthanyours



Happy Thursday….see you tomorrow!!


xoxo stacyb

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