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{elf on the damn shelf // week 3}


We’re on the final stretch.  The last week of hell.  Then the Elf on the Damn Shelf is GONE!  For about 340 days.  That’s 340 days that you don’t have to move the little shit.  Or shall I say, forget to move the little shit.  Then come up with some brilliant reason as to why he didn’t move.  Ha.

Just remember….

It’s for the kids!

Ok, let’s get to business.

Elf on the Damn Shelf Week #3

Supplies needed:

  • donuts
  • toy sale add or magazine
  • red solo cups
  • a note: “All aboard the Shoe-Shoe Train”
  • Hershey kisses
  • package of sugar cookie mix


Day #1

The Elf on the Damn Shelf brings donuts.  From the donut shop or out of a bag.  The kids are so happy + sugar high they can’t think straight.  This should probably be done on a school day, so you can send the sugar high freaks to school and you don’t have to deal with them 🙂




Day #2

Elf on the Damn Shelf is checking out the Target toy sale add.  If you’re feeling extra funny, circle a bunch of things your kids would HATE to get for Christmas.  The Elf on the Damn Shelf will most likely be taking that Target toy sale add back to the North Pole, right?  Make them sweat a bit.

I’m a terrible person…and I kinda like it!!!




Day #3

Bust out all your road soda cups and build a cup tower.  Make sure to keep them when you’re done though.  You’ll probably need those to-go cups for the weekend.  And good luck getting the Elf on the Damn Shelf to sit perfectly on top.  It’s basically impossible.  Toss him next to it.  Let him once again get all the credit for your creativity.  #jerk



Day #4

All aboard the Shoe-Shoe Train!  This one makes me laugh.  Bay will definitely think this is “lame” or too ” little kid-ish”  Which make me like it that much more.  And our shoes are so much bigger and cuter.  Set this get-up somewhere where you wont be spending much time.  It will annoy the living hell out of you walking around and over it for the next 24 hours.  Little ones will dig it though.  Remember, it’s for the kids!!!


Day #5

When you’re not feeling creative at all.  Or you just flat-out don’t wanna do it for one more day.  Shove the Elf on the Damn Shelf in the blinds.  Hang him upside down.  Show him who’s the boss!

See you tomorrow jerk!



Day #6

Last year I did this same “chocolate” set up and Bay swore it was poop.  Ha.  She even said it smelled like poop.  Come on kid, you really think I’m gonna pull shit like that.  (pun intended)  I almost had to out myself and show her the chocolate in the trash that I rubbed all over the fuckers face.

Anyway this is chocolate.  And I can guarantee that you can spare a couple of Hershey Kisses right about now.  I know this time of year, we’ve got chocolate coming out our ears.  Roll it around in your hands to melt it a tiny bit.  Rub it on his face.  Here’s the key….

Lay the Hershey Kiss next to him with the wrapper.  That way you have proof that it is not poop!



Day #7

The Elf on the Damn Shelf delivers a package of cookies.  You know, the easy ass ones that you add water.  Maybe a little oil.  Mix.  Plop on a baking dish.  Bam…cookies for Santa are ready for Christmas Eve.  See that damn Elf came through for you!  For the first time in 3 weeks.  You can go ahead and check TWO things off your list!



Pat yourself on the back.  Right now.  Do it!  We made it though 3 damn weeks.  21 days!  That’s pretty much for-ev-er!  I know there are still 3 day left till Christmas.  Don’t you worry at all.  I’ll be back with 3 final ideas!  And the farewell to the Elf on the Damn Shelf.  The day we’ve all been dreaming about since December 1st!!!


xoxo stacyb

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