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{rain boot dupe}


Happy Hump Day!  We’re half way there friends.  Something crazy has happened 3 days in a row.

I’ve gotten to work early!  EARLY!

This basically never happens.  I know, it’s so pathetic being late.  All the time!  Especially to work.  Shouldn’t there be like a 5-10 minute grace period?  I think it benefits the company if I’ve got a Starbucks in hand and ready to kick ass when I arrive.  Late.  lol.

Anyway, all my coworkers have noticed and ask me to stand under the clock so they can take a photo to document the special occasion.

Truth is, I’m kinda diggin this whole on time/early streak.  Think I can keep it up?


Okay, okay…..Let’s get to the rain boot dupe!

There is NO surprise that I love a good deal.  Whether it be a huge mark down, or a brilliant designer dupe, I’m all about it.  But, it’s gotta be a good dupe.


I’m a firm believer in saving money where you can #promocodequeen.  Not a believer in sacrificing quality.

So, when you find a dupe of an item you were planning to spend full price on, it’s…..magical.  A day maker.

Did you take the poll on my instagram stories yet?  If so, are you dying to know which boot, this is basically identical, but will save you $58??


Here’s the dupe…..

I’ve had my eye on the J.Crew Matte Chelsea Rain Boot.  They are $78!  Which isn’t too bad.  Considering what I dropped on my Hunter rain boots.

Then I take my weekly stroll through Target and see the dupe of the century.  Merona Alex Chelsea Rain Boot.  Ha.  Love that they threw Alex in there to make it their own.  Clearly they are copycats, BIG TIME.  But, I’m completely okay with it.

I tried them on.  Comfy AF.  Cute AF.  SOLD!!

Guess what I paid?



They would make a great Christmas gift too.  Did I just say that out loud?  Yes I did.  You guys, I’ve officially got Christmas on my brain.  Chistmas shopping has stated (this week) and I’ve already bought some cute shit.  61 days #justsaying

Can you spot the dupe?

Boot #1



Boot #2



If you guess Boot #2…then you are CORRECT!


J.Crew is Boot #1

Target is Boot #2

Damn good dupe, don’t you think?  Well done Target, well done.


J.Crew Matte Chelsea Rain Boot  VS.  Merona Alex Chelsea Rain Boots


Now through Saturday at Target……

Use code: BOOTS20 and save 20% on boots for the whole family!

They also come in two other color options:

Green + Navy!





Here are the rain boots with my outfit.  This sweater is the one I tried on last week at Target.  Yes, another Instagram Stories Poll.  I think it was 50/50 yes/no to buy the sweater.  Thank god I did.  It’s so soft and I’ve rocked it about 4 times since last week.

Bay says I feel like a blanket and wont stop cuddling me when I have it on.  Win!


I’m ready for the rain.  It will be a little more tolerable with this cute (cheap) addition to my closet ♥


xoxo stacyb

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