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{weekend notes}


Serious case of the Holiday hangover going on over here.  Butttt, it is Wednesday (HAPPY HUMP DAY)…NOT Monday, so I’ll pound Starbucks all day and keep my complaining to a minimum.

How was your 4th?  The 4th is my favorite, but I think I’ve already told you that about 381 times now!  Summertime!  I feel like we tend to live a wilder life.  Don’t you think?  Stay up later than normal.  Cut out of work early on Friday’s!  Drive with the windows down.  Wake up with golden shoulders.  Dip in the Lake.  Drink a little more.  Road trips.  Adventures!  The summer just makes me feel alive!  I am desperately trying to live in the moment and soak up these sunny days the very best I can!

Annddd, who else wants to vote for 4-day weekends, year round?

We spent the last 4 days in Tahoe at our Family cabin on South Shore.  You guys….the weather was insanely beautiful.

I live for summer weekends like these…..

Strawberry Lodge Pit Stop //

Because it’s a tradition.  Always.  Even if you’re solo.  Luckily I noticed a car when I pulled in the parking lot Friday evening 🙂  Fancy seeing them here!!!  They have the very best jukebox.  We play Janis Joplin every single time.  And the bar sings along.



Bear Greetings //

We were greeted by Cinnamon the neighborhood bear.  We named him that a couple of years ago.  I think Benny did actually.  Because of his cinnamon color!  We see him every trip.


Cards on the deck //

31 is played more times that I can count.  Clearly Joe was holding a shitty hand, like I was.  I didn’t walk away with a single win!



Bike Rides //

I love that they still have bike parade decor on their bikes.  Even Bay’s balloon made it all the way from Woodland.  There is a cute little park a couple of blocks up the road.  That’s where you can find these kids!

Benny Bears helmet kills me 🙂



My red solo cup runneth over!!  With chard!



In the Kitchen //

Isn’t the kitchen always the main hub?  We cook, a lot.  Eat, alot.

Coffee out of Poop-A-Doop’s mug on the porch every morning.  One of the reasons I roll out of bed…around 8ish.  And the smell of breakfast cooking.



We celebrated Kissey’s Birthday.  Chicken tortilla casserole + GG’s italian green beans + tomato + avocado salad + french bread…heaven!!


Bay whipped up pretzel crust brownies.  Goole it!!


Lunch lady making beach sandwiches.


Bacon wrapped hotdogs.  There were alright.  I need to perfect them, then many I’ll post more about these dogs.

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

Beaches //

We live for beach days!  All of us ♥

Our all time favorite beach – Pope Beach!  Just up the road a few miles from our cabin.





I can’t get over how SMALL this beach is now.  The water is so high the beach has literally disappeared.


I captured Bay mid-cartwheel at Nevada Beach.

We had to check out a couple of new beaches this trip due to the huge crowds.  But, it all worked out.  We actually really liked Nevada Beach and will be going back!

FullSizeRender (10)

This building had ” BEACH TREATS” written on it.  Fucking brilliant.  Obvi every single kid wants to check this place out.  Bay is the queen of beach treats.



Camp Richardson / Beacon Bar & Grill

We always stop for a rum runner and beach time at Camp Richardson.  The rum runners were on point.  The beach, not so much.  It’s even smaller.  Full of water holes covered in mosquitos.  Pretty sad, actually.


Ski Run Marina

We sat at this beach 4th of July.  Mainly to save a spot for the fireworks that evening.  That’s how you have to do it in Tahoe.



Go Take A  Hike //

Spooner Lake, the lake we would have never even known existed.  Behind the campground you find a well maintained trail.  Great for kids.  Next time you’re in the area, do this hike.  Fun bridges and scenery while you walk along the lake side.





Cool Spots //

Lake Tahoe Aleworx walking distance from the cabin.  We don’t have to hit up the Classic Cue for a nightcap anymore.  Truth, we will probably still go to Classic Cue anyway..ha!  The people watching is really impressive!


Beer + wine on tap.


See that bracelet thingy by my wine glass?  You put that up against the tap you want.  It says ready.  You pour your beer/wine and it keeps track of the oz/price.  When you’re ready to leave they scan your bracelt and it charges the card you used to get the bracelt.  Kinda confusing the way I worded it.  I like the concept.  But, you gotta watch your ass.  It can get expensive AF!

And take a minute to look at those goat cheese balls…damnn!!!


South Lake Brewing is another cool spot, even closer than the other from our cabin.  This place is beer only.  Similar to Blue Note in town.


Bay approved!



4th of July //

We were all kinds of patriotic!  Red + white + blue!!


Festive cookies too!


Parasailing //

I still can’t believe we all did this.  Minus Kissey since she’s knocked up (the chicken)  haha….only kidding.  She went on the boat with us as an observer aka picture bitch.  They gave her a ticket that said “chicken”



We were hoping to get the red, white & blue parasail.

FullSizeRender (8)

My girl getting all geared up.


and up we goooooo!


I was in awe over the gentle and effortless takeoff.  You just stand on the back of the boat.  They click your harness in.  When you’re ready, the rope manually releases and before you know it, you’re soaring over the blue water.



Breathtaking views from 200 feet up in the air.  You get a


So, So frickin bad ass.  It’s crazy peaceful up in the air.  I thought it would be rough and windy.  Complete opposite.


Parasailing was exhilarating.  Bay would have done it all over again within minutes.

Can you tell by our smiles, that we had a good time?


Tio + Bennny Bear go up!


Even Gram + Joe had a turn.


Tahoe dipped.


Fireworks on the beach //

I sucked at pictures.  This is a tradition that I can remember when I was Bay + Joe + Ben’s age.  Sitting on the beach patiently waiting for the fireworks to shoot off from the barges in the lake.



The fun must come to an end!  Party was over at 6:30 am today!!  For me at least.  The cousins + Gram will continue to party through the week.  Lucky asses!


The last two 4-day weekends have felt like a true gift.  But, now it’s time to get shit done.  For the next 3 days…till the weekend is back!  Get you’re coffee fix and let’s do it friends!!


xoxo stacyb

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