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{a little of this + a little of that}


Happy Thursday!!  Sorry, but I’m saving my “Whoop Whoop!” for tomorrow.



  • Exciting news: I’m going to be a Tia to a new baby niece/nephew in November ♥


  • I went to Target yesterday.  Surprise, surprise!  I bought a really cute top and a popcorn maker, like the old school air popper one and I’m super pumped about it!


  • My recurring snake dreams are at an all time high.  EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!  So I googled it: a fear or an unresolved issue.  WTF?

  • Making my GG’s crumb coffee cake for our camping trip.  I forgot how bomb it is.  Maybe I’ll share the recipe next week?


  • Next week (starting Tuesday) I’m doing another sugar fast.  Pray for me, K!


  • My top Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale pick…here!


  • This is my 402 blog post!  Just in case you give a fuck 🙂


  • Nicole + I have decided that this is happening, it’s been added to our next adventure list!



  • Bay is 5 officially 5 feet tall.  And I’m writing a blog post all about it…stay tuned!


  • Who want’s to go and eat here and here with me?



  • Raise you’re hand if your sofa king (say it out loud and you’ll get it) excited for the 3-day weekend!!!



xoxo stacyb

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