{goodbye 2016 + 34}

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Not only has 2017 arrived, but today marks my 35th year of life.  THIRTY FUCKING FIVE!

Don’t think for a second I’m going to feed you my “new year, new me” bullshit.  I didn’t just wake up a new person today or on January 1st. (as Courtney Kerr said best)  I’m still the same girl who is guaranteed to drink a little too much + drop a few too many f bombs + has some questionable morals + eats pizza on the regular.

Nothing has changed.

I’m also not going to write about my “new years resolution” either.  You either hate resolutions or you embrace them.  I do neither.

What the new year + turning 35 did, is allow me to look at my high’s + low’s of 2016!   It was  a roller coaster ride at times!  Full of incredible experiences, but also hands down the biggest challenges. Extraordinary highs paired with some of the lowest lows.  In a whirlwind of events, it has taken my breath away, I’ve swallowed A LOT of pride and had my ass truly humbled.

I learned so much this year about who actually stood in my corner. I became really aware of those who will show up for me.  Those that I want to take along for the ride.

2016 was a year of growth as I made goals for myself physically and I’m really proud of that!  I lost 19 lbs and conquered so many fitness/health goals that were unimaginable this time last year.  I’m not even close to where I want to be, but I’m getting there slowly but surley.

But with challenge comes growth and I truly feel like I’ve learned more about myself this year than the past 34 combined. I’m excited to start new year with new goals + plans + perspective.

So what are my goals you ask?  Oh right, you didn’t. But if you were to I would tell you this…..


I know it’s just a word.  But, It’s a good word.

No, I’m not going to sell my car and only have 100 belongings and get all bat shit crazy minimalist on you.  What I want to do, is take a minimalist approach to my day-to-day.  My routines +  my time + possessions + purchases + so much more.  There’s no better feeling, to me personally, then ridding myself of the unnecessary + excess.  Think – Trim the fat.

Right here is where I’d normally insert the Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary meaning, but they sucked.

Have you heard of The Minimalist?  It’s a documentary that’s been featured on: ABC + NBC + Wall Street Journal + New York Times + NPR.

I know it sounds like a bore-fest, but if you want to read more about it, click on the link below.

The Minimalist

Wish me luck!!!

What are your goals?  Themes?  Resolutions?  Words?

xoxo stacyb

THANK YOU everyone for the text + phone calls + songs + messages.  You sure know how ot make a girl feel special ♥

9 thoughts on “{goodbye 2016 + 34}

  1. Happy Birthday to my first born……I am proud to have you call me Mom. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a fun and exciting year! Love you! ❤️ Mom

  2. Happy Birthday Stacy! I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours…I know you will kick ass in 2017!

  3. Happy Birthday Stacy!!! Welcome to the 35 to 40 box. You kicked 2016 in the ass and no doubt will do the same in 2017!

  4. Happy Birthday Stacy!! You should be so proud of yourself for such hard work this year. My goal is to get my body back to being fit and strong again! I will continue reading one of my most favorite blogs this year!! Love

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