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{friday 5}

F R I D A Y!

I cannot believe we are just one week away from Christmas.

And then, BOOM!  It’s 2017!

I can already hear the bottles popping and the glasses clinking.  Speaking of glasses clinking…did you do the new iPhone update?  I only update for the new emoji!  They have clinking champs glasses and it’s already in my most-used.  Along with the avocado + pregnant lady.


ONE – All that bubbly talk got me thinking….Chandon bottles!  The Rebecca Minkoff designed Chandon’s 2016 Holiday bottle.  Isn’t she pretty?!?!  I’ve only been able to find the bottle in black. It comes in both white + black.  But, the white is so much better.  Those gold gems pop!  I finally got my hands on a bottle…after calling BevMo for about 3 weeks straight.  I bet the dude was like, OMG the crazy chandon chick called AGAIN!  Haha!  They had 2 bottles left and I snagged both of them 🙂  Double fisted!!

I designed this bottle to be a little chic, a little bit rock and roll

Rebecca Minkoff

Well done Rebecca, well done!





TWO – Last night we had our “Cards” Christmas get together.  Hand + Foot to be exact.  We play monthly and I still have to ask the rules each time we play.  We did an Ornament exchange.  Anna’s lasagna.  I could have eaten three pieces.  (back on the carb diet)  Funny thing is, we didn’t even play cards.  We sat around the table and chatted.  More like laughed our asses off.  And drank a little tiny bit of wine:)  Thanks to Good Neighbors of Woodland we googled shit we shouldn’t have – 4th degree rip (don’t do it)  Talked about our kids.  Drank a little tiny bit more wine…. And took 416 selfies!!  Good time ladies!!


(Andrea left too soon and we missed you Nicole)



THREE – Smile there’s wine!!  Doesn’t everyone sit on their couch and drink wine like this?  Fur + cute tank + wine!  Thank you Nikki for my bad ass tank top.  I vow to wear it every time I drink wine…maybe even to the gym?  That way peeps know what I’m doing afterwards.  Or why I have a smile on my face?  Either way.  I LOVE it ♥


Smile There’s Wine Tank // Fur // Wine


FOUR – You know what else I love?  Pretty gift wrap.  Especially unchristmasy gift wrap.  I know you’ve been to Target about 10 times this month….have you seen the Sugar Paper section?  You can find it in the Christmas paper + with the regular giftwrap sections (next to the cards)  It’s perfection.  And gold.  Be still my heart!

Even their tissue paper is on point.

You want to know my new Target trick?  Well not really a trick, but how I get all my Target shit without dealing with the mountains of rude ass people.  Or being seen, because I don’t like to talk when I’m on a shopping mission.  Sorry!  Or looking all over the dissoganized shelves to find that they are all out of the item.  And to keep me focased so I don’t buy all the faux fur.

I’ve been buying everything I want need and ordering it to pick-up at the store.  You walk to customer service.  Flash your ID.  Done.  Saves me tons of time and dollars.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget your damn reusable bags!

pain in the asssssss!



Gold Foil Scattered Dots // Gold Foil Swirls // Gold Foil Gift Tag Labels

I’ll have to share a picture of what under my tree looks like.  Gold + white, just the way I like it!

Check out the collection from gift tags, washi tape, ribbon, wrap to gift bags.  It’s so good!

Sugar paper for Target


FIVE – Links I ♥

Holy Slow cooker cabernet beef short ribs with mascarpone polenta

Bailey’s Christmas gift….she’s going to DIEEEEE!  Shhhh, don’t tell!

Clare, you are a fucking genius

This top

Letterfolk board inspo

This Is Us had me sobbing!!  Did you watch it?

Cool or lame?  I can’t decide.


Everything bagel breakfast heaven!

A beautiful Christmas home tour

My Nikes now come in metallic bronze?  Yessss

These doormats are everything

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

The most popular booze in every state, interesting.

Want + need both….this and this!


Happy Friday!!


xoxo stacyb

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