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{that bootie though}

As summer slips away…..
I had a small moment of sadness when I typed September 1st today.  Don’t you wish it was possible to push pause and make it last just a tiny bit longer?
I sat on the couch this morning sipping my coffee and searching Nordstrom.com (typical) and I couldn’t help but notice the season changing.  The cool crisp mornings.  Maybe pulling out my all time favorite fall candle helped a little too.  You guys, Leaves is back at Bath + Body.  Run!  Go get it.  It’s a seasonal scent that is only here for a limited time.
Can you feel it?  The pumpkin spice explosion is about to dominate the world for the next four months, beginning TODAY!  You’ve been warned 🙂
Ok, sorry I got distracted.  Lets get back to Nordstrom.

I guess the upside to summer coming to and end is that I have always LOVED fall clothing.  I’m currently on the search for the perfect bootie.  And damn, Nordy’s isn’t make it easy.  Soooo many options.  I can’t make up my mind.
Do I go perforated?  Can I pull off the ever so stylish cut-out?  Should I stick to a western, like always?  I want something a little edgy, but classic so it will go with almost everything.
These are the convos that seriously go on in my head!  I swear!  The bootie struggle is real.
So, I’ve picked out my top 9 booties for fall ya’ll.


What’s your favorite?  What style are you crushing on?  Please help.  My Nordy’s shopping cart is exploding with booties.  I’m ONLY sharing my top 9…yes – there’s even more in my cart…haha!!
xoxo stacyb

12 thoughts on “{that bootie though}

  1. I feel ya. In love with the Free Peoples but questioning the heel comfort for everyday, then also really feeling the Vince western……so many decisions…..

  2. I feel like you need two pairs..one with cut-outs and one without (rain, no rain)….I’m crushing on the Vince and the Lucky.

  3. Keeping my word….. Following up on the boots…You’ve probably already bought 5 pairs, tried them all on and returned 3 by now….?! Ya?!! Anywho- my two cents. I have some super similar to the “free the people bootie boots”. LOVE THEM! Fab color and the cut ups are like a built in air conditioner for your feeties. If you have swamp feet like me this is a life saver. Haven’t attempted the rain with these… That’s not going to go over well. I suppose that’s why I have 27 other pairs of boots…. Also just got in the “lucky brand short boot”. Love these too! I bought a size bigger because you can’t effing wear socks…. Not even the tiniest little bootie socks/nylons…. They show. So swamp feet it is on these. My next divulgence will be FRINGE! Soooo, my two cents (aka paragraph) fully supports the purchase of at least 3 pairs of boots… 😬😉 love the blog. Thanks for yet another addiction.

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