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{weekend notes}


Most of my favorite memories were made in flip-flops.  It’s so true!  Lake Tahoe has my heart.  There’s just a great feeling when you’re in your happy spot.  And this is 100% it.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!

We headed up the hill Friday evening.  No traffic!  It surprisingly took only 2 hours.  Not counting the quick stop at Strawberry Lodge.


If you’ve ever stayed at the Timothy Cabin with me, then you know all about Strawberry Lodge.  I don’t pass it without stopping on my way up.  It’s a dive, and I love it.  The BEST jukebox.  Shitty well drinks.  Crazy locals.  Musty smell.  It doesn’t take much to please me…haha.  We played some Janis Joplin and got the locals all riled up.  Couple selfies later and we were back on the road.  Notice – I’m wearing a sweatshirt?  I haven’t put anything on with sleeves in weeks.  It was cooollldddd.  #plainfieldmustangs

You’ll never guess what we did first thing Saturday morning?


The beach.  Also, if you’ve ever been to the Timothy Cabin, then you know that this is where I spend most of my time in Tahoe….on the beach.

Preferably with a beer or beach marg.


I tried to tally the hours I spent on the beach in 3 days…’s over 15 hours.  Tan lines will fade, but these memories won’t!!




Thankfully my girl loves the beach just as much!!



Bailey had her first bake sale.  She baked cookies + festive cupcakes all on her own.  She wore Poop-A-Doop’s tomato apron too 🙂



Bike rides to the park after dinner.


If you’ve even been to the Timothy Cabin, then you’ve also played a hand or two of 31.  These cousins played their fair share.


Breakfast + Dinner out on the porch.  Lot’s of BBQing happens here.


Then we beach it some more.  At least 1 beach day has to be spent at Camp Richardson.  Mainly for the Beacon Bar’s famous Rum Runners.  I could sit on that deck with a rum runner in hand for many, many hours.  Haha.  And the live band helps too.  Lot’s of rum runners + shirley temples have been had in this spot.


We met up with some Woodland friends and whooped it up at the casino’s.  I felt like such a rebel taking jager bombs on a Sunday night.  Maybe a couple too many!!  Danced a lot.  And this girl had no rhythm…lol.  Laughed our asses off, that’s for sure.  I had snap chat to prove it the next morning.  OMG – hilarious.  Tater tots from the “nurse”, dancing on stage, air guitars, another round…..thanks for the fun night friends!!!  Good times.

I do believe that shaking a tail feather is good for the soul.


Fourth of July began at the beach, again!!


How many kids can fit on a stand-up board?  This only lasted about 1.3 seconds and they all fell off.


Speaking of falling off.  I fell off so damn hard.  Like in front of about 1,867 beach goers.  Right on the shore.  Hit the sand and thought I was going to die for a minute.  It must have looked pretty bad too.  Peeps ran up to see if I was ok…lol.  #embarrassing.  Just keeping it real though.

At least we got a picture that makes it look like I didn’t 🙂


We headed back to the beach Monday evening for the South Shore Firework show.  Another tradition I can remember us doing since I will a little kid myself.

All red + white + blued out.  Cute cousins ♥


This hippie selling Jameson shots from the ice chest he drug on a dolly across the beach.  To which we obviously obliged.  You can’t pass up $2.50 shots on the beach!!  I’m pretty sure he was selling just about anything illegal you could possibly want too.


The sunset over Lake Tahoe


Me and “Hey Bay-Bay” (you have to sing it)



FullSizeRender (1).jpg

This is the cabin, the cabin Poop-A-Doop built.  It’s so special.  Again, nothing fancy.  But the memories that it holds are priceless.  I have pictures sitting on that front porch with Poop-A-Doop from when I was a baby ♥

I cant wait to spend as much time here as I possibly can this summer.


Another great weekend in the books.  Cheers to a short work week!!

xoxo stacyb

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