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Are you a coffee fanatic like myself?  Starbucks or Dutch?  I’m a loyal Starbucks girl.  The app is amazeballs.  I order my coffee then run in and out in a matter of minutes.  You can’t beat that for morning coffee shop lines.  They can be unreal.

I’m also a gold cardholder since 2008.  Told you I drink a shit ton of coffee.  I actually didn’t drink coffee, like at ALL.  Then in 2006 I had a baby and that shit changed real quick.  I realized mom’s NEED coffee.  It’s kind of a deal breaker.  No coffee No talk.  Once I get that warm cup of joe in my hands, I’m instantly a different person…lol.  True story.


Anyway, if you’re too, a rewards member, then you know that the whole damn thing changed on us.  I’ve been reassured this is a good thing.  My barista promised.  So, if you just don’t get it OR are not a rewards member (which you should be)……I’m here to help a sister out.

First off, if you are not a rewards member.  Become one.  Next time you get a starbucks giftcard, SAVE IT.  Then click here to register it.  You can then re-load your card through the app or at any Starbucks store.  In honor of the new rewards program, Starbucks is hookin’ it up.  Now till Monday, May 2nd – join Starbucks rewards, make 1 purchase and you’re golden.  That’s gold status with 1 cup of coffee, which is basically unheard of.  Starbucks just gifted you 300 stars for drinking coffee.  Um, yes please!!



Now that we all have a registered Starbucks card, I’m going to explain the rewards program.


Before you got 1 star for every purchase.  What if you ordered multiple items?  You still only get 1 star.  Unless you know a bad ass barista that was down to charge you separately for each item (holding up the line), then allowing multiple stars.  This is rare peeps!

Now you get 2 stars for every $1 spent.  Like I said, I was reassured this new rewards system is legit.

FullSizeRender (1)

The kicker – before you needed 12 stars to receive a reward.  What’s a reward you ask?  Any food or beverage item FREE.

Now – you need 125 damn stars for a free item.  This is where I won’t be earning nearly as many rewards nowadays.  See, my $2.45 Venti Pike with a splash of coconut milk earns me 4.9 (yep, they calculate uneven amounts) stars each time.  Before, 1 star.  But, since that’s my basic order….

before – 12 coffees = FREE reward

now – 26 coffees = FREE reward

I say bullshit on this new system.

If you order a breakfast sandwich (my hangover choice) with your coffee…now you’re going to start racking up the stars.  Or if you drink those fu-fu frappuccino drinks that cost 5 frickin’ bucks, then you’re going to be golden, literally.

FullSizeRender (2)

Then you get the text….Double-Star Day!!!  So you vow to drink 2 Starbucks that day to rack up the stars…lol.  Ok, sometimes I do a double day.  Likeeee, maybe today.

FullSizeRender (4)

Once you’re a Gold member, does it last forever?  Come on, nothing lasts forever.  To remain at Gold status, you must earn 300 stars every 12 months.  For myself, that means 62 coffees a year.  At 365 days a year, I’d say that’s pretty easy to achieve.

Other perks:

  • Free Birthday food or drink
  • Free same-day in-store refills on brewed coffee + tea
  • Order + Pay with your Starbucks app to avoid lines
  • Member-exclusive events
  • Special offers via email/app
  • Double-Star days
  • Free food or drink item every 125 stars
  • Personalized GOLD CARD

Some specials going on right now….

Now – May 2nd

1/2 off Happy Hour frapps 3-6pm (Bailey is going to be pumped)

FullSizeRender (1)

New Birthday cake Frapp is now available.

FullSizeRender (2)


Ok, so I think I’ve done my research.   Ask me your Starbucks reward question any – question, in the comment section….and I’ll get you the answer.

xoxo stacyb




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