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Good morning + happy Monday.  I’m tired.  So, very tired.  But, I’m happy to start a new week, although it’s going to be equally as busy as the last.  Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us.  Have you hooked you’re kiddos teacher up yet?  If no, keep reading.  I’ve got some “Oh shit, I forgot” ideas for you last-minute mama’s, like myself.  Denim + Diamonds event this weekend is going to be amazing.  Then we get to top it off with a beautiful Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Told you – f’n busy.

Last weekend was the Yolo County Spring Show.  I’m sure you’ve seen all my fb + insta photos already.  But, I’m going to share even more.

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First lets start with these gorgeous girls.  This was their first year raising a market animal.  They raised pigs from the same litter.  Aunt Penny’s pigs.  At Aunt Penny’s barn.  They worked so hard.  Since January we’ve had feeding schedules + barn clean-up dates + spent the entire weekend together.  We’ve made new friends, Ava and her family.  It was hands down one of the best experiences yet.  Bailey learned so much.  I learned so much.  Babe, Bailey’s pig taught us a lot.

I’m so proud of these four girls right here!

Here’s what a Spring Show weekend entails….

Thursday was Pig drop off + weigh-in

Bailey + Macie (cousins) pigs were fairground roommates 🙂  Babe + Lucky (brother + sister)  pretty cute, huh?


The weigh-in line was insane.  Every pig that was going to be shown had to weigh-in Thursday night.  It was shitty…literally.


Check out this ancient scale they use….


I have a feeling it’s been around longer that I have.  Babe weighed-in at 218 lbs.

Friday morning we were back bright + early for Farm Connection Day

Starbucks in hand is how we start our mornings.

Farm Connection day is where all the schools in Yolo County are invited out for a day full of animals + ag related activities.  Children learn + interact with farm animals, from chickens to steer.  View creative arts + Science projects.  See project demo’s of archery, dog obedience, and so much more.


The 4-H kids have a blast showing friends + classmates their projects.  Bailey washed her pig and even did a practice showmanship demo.  She also ate a million ice cream cones and ran around like a wild child too 🙂

Friday night was Show Time.  Spring Show time, that is.  My beautiful daughter all ready to show her first market animal in the arena.


The girls patiently waiting their turn.  The Swine show began at 4pm and wasn’t over till 11pm.  It’s a long process/day.


Say “Cheeeesseee” #crazyfaces


First up for Showmanship….close to last for market.

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Bailey and her homies in the holding pens for showmanship.  They all killed it!!

Gooooo #631

“Keep your eyes on the judge”


“Stay in control of your pig at all times”

“Groom, if needed”

Soooo many things to remember.  The judge walks around the arena filled with kids + pigs and evaluates everything.  Kinda stressful.  Pretty proud of these kids, all Novice (first time showing a pig) to get out there and give it their all.

Even GG came out to show support for her great-granddaughters ♥


Bailey + Babe posing for their Spring Show photo #631

It’s a framer:)



Bailey + her cousin Nate.  He was so sweet and supportive.  Always checking on her 🙂

Saturday we all had a nice break.  Other than some barn clean-up, we had the day off….whoop whoop.


{Wilbur getting some love}

I got to sneak off to have lunch with my high school girlfriends and celebrate Rachel’s birthday.

IMG_2760 (1)

We had lunch and sat and chatted for hours….like 3 hours to be exact.  Love our catch-up sessions over wine:)  I could have stayed all day.  Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

Sunday afternoon we were back at it for the Spring Show Auction.

But first, let’s take a pic at the green barn.  Isn’t is gorg?  I took all the kids here to steal pictures….


Bailey + her idol/look-alike, Lauren.  Lauren’s last year with 4-H.  Good luck at Oklahoma State…we will miss you!

IMG_2771 (1)

Babe + Lucky’s final spoon session 🙁


One last Babe pic before auction and saying their good-byes

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Such a hard day for my girl.  Even though we talked about this day a million times, it’s hard to prepare a 9-year-old for what happens next.  Once they walk off the auction stand, Babe goes one way and Bailey goes the other.  That’s it.

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Bailey’s been in tears since.  She did tell me this morning, that she can’t wait to get her next pig in January.  But, Babe will always be her favorite.

Then on our way to school we calculated how much $$$ she made, and she instantly had the biggest smile.

Patients + hard work really pays off.  Literally 🙂

Cheers to all the 4-H parents that worked their butts off all weekend.  Congratulations to all the 4-H kids that did such an amazing job showing + selling their animals.  Till next year…peace out!


Ok, as promised – Teacher Appreciation Day ideas.  I meant to share Friday, but just didn’t have the time.  So, if you’re down to the wire trying to come up with a cute idea for Teacher Appreciation Day tomorrow – I go your back.

Keep it simple with a gift card.  I don’t know about you, but I love gift cards.  I love to shop and I can get something I actually like 🙂

Starbucks + Target + Amazon are always a hit.

Starbucks – Thanks a latte printable

Target – Thank you for keeping me on Target printable

Amazon – Thank you for being an Amazing teacher printable


Some others I’ve done in the past.  I like cute, easy + useful.

Bath + Body  – Hands down you’re the best teacher around

Mason Jar  – Pencil holder diy

Summer time – Magazine + Towel + Sunscreen diy

Flowers – Crayon vase diy

Cold Cup – Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge printable


Everyone loves succulents, right?  How about this super cute idea from OSH.  This would be a cute inexpensive idea for mom’s with multiple teachers to buy for.

images (1)images (2)images (3)images (4)images (5)


I will be doing something similar to this tonight.  I found this super cute Thanks for Helping Me Grow printablee to go with it.

I’ll be sure to post the finished product in the morning.

xoxo stacyb

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