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{weekend notes}

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Happy Monday, I mean Tuesday.  Once again – I’m late.  Oops…hence the Note to Self above.  I’m not going to be hard on myself.  Shit happens.  Life happens.  I’m a busy bitch. Annnddd, If you know me, then you know I’m always late.  So there ya go.  And HAPPY TUESDAY sounds better than Monday anyway!!!

My weekend was super chill.  Just how I wanted it.  Friday night we went to Crawdad’s on the river for dinner + drinks.  When is the last time you’ve been there?  Probably 2002?  Yeah, me too.  You’ve gotta go check it out.  Much better than before.  Their menu is legit.  I tried my first mud bug, aka crawdad.  I liked it.  I mean, I haven’t met many foods that I don’t like so it was expected 🙂

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I ordered the salmon dish

Grilled Salmon served with crispy potato hash, chorizo, fresh corn salsa, topped with crème

Yumm.  Everyone (there were 6 of us) loved their meal.  Now that’s a big deal.  Typically someone in the group doesn’t end up liking what they ordered.  The moscow mules were equally delicious, I might add.


Thank you Chad + Jamie for inviting us out for a fun night.


Remember when I talked about my date with my backyard lounge and the Sun?  Yep, that happened too 🙂

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Saturday evening Cory and I headed to the Bass Pro Shop in search of a specific fishing pole.  I was all for it.  I heard the store is bad ass.

After dinner we hit Downtown Sac-Town-the-Mac-Town (some peeps just don’t understand)


When you find a rainbow cross walk, you stop traffic to take a snap.  Duh!!!

We made it to Hock Farm in time for happy hour….WHOOP WHOOP!  They are known for their farm-to-fork menu + cocktails.  I was impressed!!  Check out their dinner menu here.

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We ate out a lot more than normal.  It’s fun to do sometimes.  But, Sunday I was so ready to get in the kitchen and cook a bomb.com dinner.

Sunday morning my Mom and I hit the Davis Arboretum to catch up and get some fitbit steps.  It was a gorgeous day.

Have you seen how gross and green the water is now?  It’s sad.  Poor ducks.

And my favorite – the lock bridge.  We saw a woman being proposed to on the bridge.  So sweet.


Sun + Soil is now in Davis.  You gotta check them out.  I had the Sweet Green: Apple, cucumber, spinach, filtered water, lime and ginger.  So yummy….and filling.  Next time I want to try Beauty + the Beet.  If you take your glass bottles back, you get $2.00 off.

Has anyone tried their 1-day juice cleanse?  I’m thinking about trying it in a couple of weeks.

The Davis shop is located at 527 G Street.  Go get some juice yo!


Sunday night dinner with friends was perfection.  I love ending the weekend and starting a new week on a good note.  And that’s exactly what we did.   BBQ chicken, new york steaks, twice baked potatoes, brussel sprouts, artichokes, greek salad, garlic bread….and a Carrousel Cobbler for dessert.  We kinda went all out.  Our friends, the Truitt’s are currently re-modeling their kitchen (it’s fucking gorgeous) so we wanted to treat them to a home cooked meal.  Of course Cory + I can’t even agree on what to make, so we just made everything…haha.  Best of both worlds.  TONS of leftovers too 🙂

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Dont forget to tune into Bravo tonight for Beverly Hills Reunion.  And since it’s going to be a good one….I’ve attached B-I-N-G-O cards.  You better believe I will be playing along!  How many times will Munchausen be mentioned?  How many times will these crazy b’s storm off stage?  How many F-Bombs will Rinna drop?

Just click on the images and print.  You are welcome 🙂


Thank you for telling me about the cards Jamie 🙂  + Thank you Bravo!!!

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Come back tomorrow!!


xoxo stacyb


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