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{easter lunchbox love}

E A S T E R // E D I T I O N

Out of nowhere, I got a freakish amount of energy last night.  Like, I’ve been in bed by 8:30 pm since the time change.  Sleeping like a rock.  Has it effected anyone else like this?  I thought it was supposed to mess with kids sleeping schedules, not adults…lol.  Anyway, I got 25,000 fit bit steps – my flex hasn’t seen that much action in probably a month.  I finally pulled out all our Easter décor.  The week of, shocking right?  Planted flowers in the backyard.  If you follow me on Snapchat you saw the cute video of my gardening partner 🙂  Barbequed turkey burgers.  Finished Easter baskets.  Lots of laundry.  And whipped up a super cute lunch for Bailey, all with items in our fridge and pantry.  I was the energizer bunny.  I went to bed feeling accomplished.  I think I got my day light savings groove back.  It’s about time!!!

You know how I love a theme lunchbox, right?  Well, Easter is no exception.  I call it the Easter Egg Bento lunchbox.  I know Bailey is going to FLIP when she opens her lunchbox today:)


It was a little tricky coming up with items that can fit in a tiny plastic egg.   A few of the items were a no-go.  I managed to fill one dozen eggs with a healthy lunch.  Salami + cheese + pretzels + bunny crackers + carrot sticks + strawberries + fruit snacks…..etc.  This would be perfect for toddler finger foods too.


Some of the ingredients I used…..


I found so many other fun Easter lunchbox ideas on Pinterest that I’ve linked up for you.  They are all fairly easy to do.  Some require Easter shaped cookie cutters.



Clearly if I’m getting all crazy on an Easter Lunchbox…..there must be lunchbox jokes 🙂


Free Printable – Easter Lunchbox Jokes

Q: Where does the Easter Bunny east breakfast?

A: I Hop….lol

one more, just because they crack me up.

Q: What kind of music do bunnies like?

wait for it…..

A: Hip Hop 🙂

Come on, you have to admit – those are frickin cute!!

The Easter Egg Bento Box was hands down the easiest Holiday theme lunchbox I’ve ever put together.  And if you’re a mama, chances are you have all these items on hand anyway.  Make your kids day and throw one of these together this week….or this weekend.  They will love you forever 🙂

xoxo stacyb

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  1. Love all those ideas!!! PS…thanks for reminding me to dye Easter Eggs with my kids this weekend!

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