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{wednesday wish list}

Haha – that would be amazing!!  Well, since it doesn’t cover my retail therapy…..a girl can wish.
{wednesday wish list}


J Crew Fringe Top
$80 –
* Marine salt blush fringe knit top.  Just the wording alone sounds heavenly.  Now if it would only come back in stock in my size.  And the price tag is on point – $59.99 with 50% off.  Come on J.Crew, I can’t stalk you the rest of my life.

* Remember when I said I was 100% done with anything winter-ish clothing purchases?  Well, I’d break my word for this fluffy fringe pullover.  It does scream spring, so maybe it’s not winter-ish.

J.Crew Fringe Sandals
$155 –
* Apparently I have a thing for fringe.  How fun are these pail gold leather fringe slingbacks?  I envy anyone who is able to rock these right now.  I need a beach vacay asap.  And a sugar daddy to buy me these shoes while I’m at it 🙂 Haha.  With review like this, they are guaranteed to sell out wayyy before summa-summa summa time.  J.Crew Reviews

* I die!  I want these.  And I want to wear them with my jeans.  Yes, you heard me right.  I have never, well since 1995, wore nikes with jeans.  But I’m ready to change things.  Lunchpails + Lipstick blogged about them with her fav black jeans and I almost fell out of my seat.  These iconic sneaks are bad to the bone rad.

* My girl Rebecca hit it out of the park with the Sofia Clutch.  Tassels or fringe, I will take it!!

* A hand-stamped pendant centered on a delicate chain-link.  Would make for a perfect gift….to myself 🙂  This dainty initial disc necklace is perfection.

* I can officially cross these stunna shades off my “want” list and to my “on it’s way” list.  Did anyone take advantage of J.Crews MLK sale yesterday?  Guess how much I scored these Ray-Ban’s for?  $62.  Whhhatttt?  They were $120 with a 50% off promo code.  Can I get a Whoop Whoop!

Dry Body Brush
* Totally random, I know.  Anyone use a dry skin body brush?  The benefits sound amazing: smoother skin, exfoliates, reduces cellulite, increase circulation, stimulate your lymphatic system.  And the best part: glowing tighter skin.  All from dry brushing?  You start from your feet and brush in a circular motion over your whole body.  I gotta try it!!
* Bailey calls it a selfie mirror and she equally wants one:)  So, it made the wish list.  Only $49 at Target right now….not bad, not bad.

* Not only does Kate Spade have a cute activewear line, but check out their new bakeware.  Inscribed with “dive in” on the bottom of the dish.  This pretty polka-dot baker can go straight from the oven to your table.  Wouldn’t a blackberry cobbler or lasagna look so pretty in this?



I could keep going on and on, being that all my online shopping carts are currently maxed with spring clothes + shoes and house pretties.
What’s on your wish list?
xoxo stacyb

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