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{how to make the most of your weekend}


Why is it that the week days go by so damn slow, but you blink and the weekend is OVER?  Between checking off all the household chores + grocery shopping + trying to cram as many fun activities as humanly possible, there is never enough time to get it all done.  Then before you know it, the Monday scaries kick in.

The question I get ALL THE TIME…..

“how do you find the time on the weekends”

I’m going to share tips on how to make the most of your weekend.  I bust my ass all week, so that I can do my thang on the weekend.

My idea of the perfect weekend is one that leaves me feeling not only recharged, but accomplished and ready to take on the next 5 grueling work week days.

Plan ahead //

Buy the concert tickets.  Make reservations at the restaurant you’ve been dying to try.   Google fun things to-do in the area you want to spend some time.  Pencil in some ideas.  Having something to look forward to will give you a little extra momentum to get you through the week.  You will be dancing in place, come Friday!

Call your people //

You don’t have to do happy hour to have a good time.  I mean, I’ve never turned down a happy hour before…lol.  Why not invite your Grandma over and make a fun authentic recipe.  Go grab a movie with your mom.  Meet your girlfriends and kids for a park play day.  With booze in your yeti’s of course.  Game night with your homegirls?

Go on Adventures //

You don’t need a plane ticket to go on an awesome adventure.  A mini-adventure can be found in your own town/city.  I like to find a new hiking trail nearby.  What happens after a hike?  You need provisions.  Hit Yelp for cool spots in the area for brunch or even a cool bar and grab a drink.  If gardening is your thing.  Find a nursery you’ve never been too, make that your destination.  I bet you’ll strike a thirst after plant shopping and need to find a local watering hole.  Ha.  Find a cool spot to watch the sunset.  I’ve never seen a bad one.  It will make you smile.

Make a running list //

You know all the places you always say you wanna go?   Write that shit down.  Save it someplace.  I have a folder in my email labels “cool thing to-do!”  Some are obvi a little harder to make happen on the weekend, you know like, go to Italy and eat all the pasta.  I save cooking class schedules + cool VRBO links + new restaurants + fitness classes + wineries.  Anything that catches your eye and makes you think twice.  Marking off those “cool things to-do” is my favorite.

Saturday + Sunday mornings //

If you have a chill weekend planned, don’t waste away both mornings.  Get up and go to the gym.  Go for a bike ride.  Take the dog for a walk.  Fix a pretty breakfast that you can’t do on the weekdays.  I love to spend the morning meal prepping.  Get up and get moving.  It’s so easy to sit and watch the tube or scroll through Instagram for hours upon hours.  Use that morning energy to create something or to better yourself.  It will 100% make your day that much more satisfying and productive.

Make shit happen Monday – Thursday //

This is my biggest tip for enjoying the weekend.  Who wants to waste away two beautiful work-free days scrubbing toilets + grocery shopping?  Not me!  Even if I have NO plans, I’d rather do absolutely nothing and relax.  Make shit happen so you can sleep-in or spontaneously leave on a road-trip and have no guilt or regrets.  Spread out the to-do weekly chore list.  Tackle the tasks throughout the week.  I do about 1 load of laundry each day.  Meal planning/grocery shopping is done Thursday.  Dirty dishes are not allowed in the sink.  Vacuuming + dusting + moping is typically done late night Thursday, with a glass of wine in hand rocking out to the record player.  Try it.  Fill your gas tank + wash your car. It makes so so incredibly happy. #weirdo I know. Friday I wake up and all the weekly chores are DONE!  I’m free to do what ever the fuck I want!

Prep for Monday on Friday //

The worst part about the weekend…..Monday’s happen right after.  I don’t know about you, but Monday’s are my busiest day of the week.  Work wise.  When I walk out of my office Friday at 5pm I have a couple of things I do first.  Tie-up any loose ends.  Clear the inbox.  Literally clean my desk.  Wipe it all down so it’s nice and clean and ready for my arrival Monday morning.   Then step away Friday with a clean slate.

STOP thinking about Monday //

It’s a total buzz kill.  Sundays are supposed to be the coziest day of the week.  Think about channel surfing or brunch or hanging out with family + friends.  Don’t waste the day overthinking when you could be spending the day recharging.   And definitely don’t even try to count down the hours you have left till Monday hits.  If you get the Mondayzzz on Sundays, make plans to get out and get some fresh air.  Something to look forward to so you have no choice but to have some fun.  Dinner with the parentals.  Picnic with your kiddos or dog?  Distracting yourself will help keep that weekend vibe going till the very last minute.

Self-care //

Sunday evenings are quiet at our place.  This is when we unwind.  Eat an early dinner.  Pack lunches for Monday.  Then a little self care.  Bay + I love doing a face mask or paining our nails.  Drink lots of water.  Sounds crazy, but I never drink as much water over the weekend as I do when I’m at work and sitting at my desk.  Read a book before bed (I don’t, but it sounds like a good idea).  Scroll through the photos on your phone and reminisce about the fun time had.  Delete all the pics + screen shots from that week. Turn in early!

Image-1 (3).png

With these tips, I think your weekend can end up being everything you hope for them to be!!

xoxo stacyb

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  1. I really need to get on the Thursday night cleaning band wagon! By the end of the week I feel like I deserve a “break” but I imagine the weekend would be so much better if I just powered through it!!

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