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{weekend notes}


Good Morning.  Good Afternoon!   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to carve out a little time for the special Father figures in your life.  We had another great weekend.  And like I said Friday, we took a quick trip to Salinas to visit friends and beat the heat.

Here’s some weekend highlights…..


We brake for burgers //

Inside out burgers, as Bay used to call it when she was younger.  We still refer to it as Inside out and she gets annoyed 🙂  It’s always our go-to stop whenever we are taking a road trip.  I recently downloaded a new map app, Waze.  Recommenced by my homegirl Nikki!  It’s the shit.  Download it!  It made it super easy to find the closest Inside Out burger from the freeway.



S A L I N A S ♥ //

We pulled up to the Hostert’s house around 7:15pm and it was 70 degrees.  It was still wayyy into the 100’s back in Woodland at this time.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, but I just love Salinas and their Father Of the Bride house.  The neighborhood and this house make me think of the movie every time drive up.



Nicole’s orchid has got me wanting one for my dinning room table too.  How fucking gorgeous is her plant?!?!



We stayed up extra late….Nicole + I drinking wine and catching up.  (although we didn’t even finish one bottle #recordbreaking)  While the girls talked slime 🙂



Hank the Tank!  He’s go to be the biggest black lab I’ve ever seen.  And he’s a helluva boomerager too!


We woke up to a breakfast burrito delivery.  I swear Nicole legit has the kindest friends.  This is the second time this has happened while I was visiting.  I know I sound like a broken record when I say this…..El Charrito is the breakfast burrito king.  Nicole knows when I’m in town, this is a must!  The charizo + egg is  This time I tried the chile verde and it was almost as amaze as the charizo.


Bay was skeptical.  She tried the ham + cheese.  Anddd….she’s too, a huge fan!



Pool day at Chamisal is also a must!  This place is beautiful.  And do you see the video below….75 degrees at 11:15 am!  Perfection!


The margaritas!


The poolside lunch delivery!

I love that Brian was Regan’s burger holder.  He just sat there and held her burger in one had and her ranch dip in th other.  She would lean in and take a bite.  I love her!


The pool boomerangs!



The friends ♥

I met Lina last year while visiting Salinas.  Then we hitched a tip to Hawaii with Nicole and hit it off.  So great to catch up!


Rockin my tequila tank from Nicole.  It came in the mail with no name, no sender.  It was strange.  Then Nicole admitted that she bought it for me one day when she was a little tipsy and had it sent to me.  Sounds like something I would do…lol!  Reason #1,938 why we are friends.


We also brake for a window selfie…or 5!

We even got Joanna in on the fun!


Pit stop at Bravo! for frozen yogurt.


Thank you Hostert’s for your hospitality!

We love spending time in Salinas and making memories with our sweet girls.


(photo cred: Brian)


Slime sleepover //

We made it home just in time for Bay + Ruby’s slime sleepover.  These little entrepreneurs and currently slangin slime at their summer camp.  $1 for small.  $3 for large.  Even offering a 25 cent charge to “fix” slime that dries out.

They admitted they stayed up past midnight making slime.  When will the slime craze end?


Sunday //

Other than planting some flowers and meal prepping…this is what most of my day looked like.  Coffee till bud light lime time!


Father’s Day //

Bay spend time with her Dad till it was time for dinner with Papa.  We went to Sakura…again!  You guys, my Dad is hooked.  He loves the place.  I tried a sushi roll this time, and although it was fried (the server said it wasn’t) it was still pretty good!  And Dad was happy AF!

We cut into his beer cake afterwards.

Then I realized this was the 3rd time I’d had ice cream/frozen yogurt since Friday.  Haha, what was I thinking?

The best part of having you as my Dad, is that Bay get one hell of a Papa ♥  Thanks for your unconditional love and Taco Tuesday dates!!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!



Hope you had a great one!!


xoxo stacyb

3 thoughts on “{weekend notes}

  1. I can’t tell you how much I loved your post. Thank you girls for coming to visit us, it means the world to all of us (including brian, even though he may not admit it). Look how many Salinas friends you have now!!! Come
    Back asap!!!!

    1. Don’t worry….we’ll be back in know time for Hostert time + burritos + Chamisal <3 Thanks for always being the hostesses with the most 🙂

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