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I have nothing peeps.  I have absolutely nothing to write about.  I don’t have a cute outfit, because it raining and cold AF so I busted out all my winter shit….AGAIN!  Make up your damn mind mother nature.  I don’t have some amazing recipe to share, because I was lazy + hungover this weekend and didn’t meal prep a single thing.  I’ve been eating packaged salads and black bean veggie burgers for every meal.  Truth!  My body is dying from the Kaia workouts and ankle weights.  I challenged myself to not miss a single Kaia class this CORE session + workout 5 days a week + take Thursday morning body pump.  And I’m just straight up fucking tired.

So much complaining…Ha.


  • If this YouTube video doesn’t make you smile, then we can’t be friends

  • I’m currently thinking about driving to the 76 station to get a Reese’s peanut butter egg.  Just in case you were wondering.
  • Anyone else with DISH network annoyed that we still don’t have channel 3?  Two episodes behind on This is Us.
  • My sister + bro in-law gave me tickets to see Eric Church next week and I’m kinda pumped about it!
  • How was Beauty and the Beast?  Bay styled her hair like Belle for school today…it was so cute.
  • This is my 355 blog post!!  Craziness
  • GAP Friends + Family sale is going on now through Monday.  Use code: FFSALE for 40% off (online) 50% (in-store) and FREE SHIPPING!
  • Bay requested BBQ chicken + roasted asparagus + baked potatoes for dinner tonight.  Her favorite!
  • We are headed to the Sandpiper Inn for our annual Stinson Beach trip this weekend.  We rented The Cottage again and I cannot wait to put my ass in the sand with a cold beer in my hand.
  • For some weird reason I’ve been craving roasted beets…random!
  • Bay’s teacher text me yesterday: Your child rocks my world
  • Venmo is truly the best app ever invented
  • 25 days till my Starbucks addiction in back in full swing
  • FACT: The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well!


And that’s all I got folks!


xoxo stacyb



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